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Carats and Stones’ expert jewelers transform outdated and unwanted pieces into uniquely personalized jewelry you will cherish. Diamonds, gemstones and metals are given new life as contemporary works of art.

We all have old jewelry that we just don’t love, but don’t want to let go of either. Whether it’s a memento from a bygone relationship, a piece you inherited, or something you bought for yourself that makes you wonder what you were thinking at the time, we can give it new life.

Simply bring your jewelry into our showroom and we’ll offer you a range of options, helping you envision the ways Grandma’s hat pin might be reconstructed into a statement necklace, or how that gaudy 1950s cocktail ring can be redesigned into something a bit more you. Our jewelers offer a combination of artistry and expertise to repurpose or renovate any type of fine jewelry, bringing the beauty of the past into a contemporary aesthetic that’s an expression of the here and now.






Considering an engagement ring?

Repurposing diamonds and gemstones is a sustainable and affordable option for designing your own engagement ring with a story that accompanies it. Consider it a recycle, and you get all of the benefits. The original story of the jewelry remains, in contemporary, custom jewelry that brings a new story to life.

Need an updated style?

We’ve all seen the trends in fashion come and go, and the same goes for jewelry. The aesthetic from one era doesn’t always translate well into the next, but it might take less than you think to make the conversion. Like taking the shoulder pads out of a smart business suit from the 80s, updating a piece of jewelry can be as simple as a new chain for a pendant, or a new setting for an old stone. We can transform a basic piece into a showstopper, or a flashy one into flawlessly understated.

Because there are unlimited designs that can be created from repurposed jewelry, it’s easy to find a reason for a revamp, and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

Looking to transform a negative into a positive?

Don’t get rid of that old wedding ring -- celebrate your new life through its metamorphosis! There’s nothing quite like an uplifting right hand ring to signal a fresh start, and we’d be happy to make it happen. We can surround an old setting with new metals, or use the original metals and gems to create something novel with a life of its own. Whatever your new heart desires, we’ll be there to make the transformation come true.

Waste Not Want Not - Repurposing is Sustainable

Beyond the exciting possibilities of bringing a tucked away gem into the light again, repurposing metals and stones is an environmentally friendly way to create unique jewelry that makes a perfect gift -- either for yourself or someone else.

At Carats and Stones, we hate to think that what was once someone’s treasure is now hidden away as a useless bauble taking up space in a box. Bring it to us so we can rekindle its beauty and regenerate its value.

What Jewelry Can You Repurpose?

Watches, chains, bracelets, rings, pendants, pins, cufflinks, tie pins, earrings, and more -- anything made of quality materials is worthy of a makeover. Sometimes one becomes three, and other times three become one -- it’s all up to you and your imagination.

Book an appointment for a complimentary consultation, or just stop by the showroom. Our expert designers will work with you and your budget to refashion boring, bad or better-left-behind into fresh, fabulous, and festive.

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