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"Aisha" Lucky Eye Bracelet

"Aisha" Lucky Eye Bracelet

SKU: 240-01936

This striking eye is designed to protect the wearer by warding off evil spirits -- or at the very least be a fun fashion item. With its turquoise pupil, 20 enhanced blue diamonds (approx 0.1 carat total weight) and dozen round brilliant diamonds (approx 0.05 carat total weight), and 14-karat white gold chain, the "Cleo" is one of our most popular gift items. Also available with a 14-karat yellow or rose gold chain.

  • Details

    Metal Type 14K White Gold
    Metal Type Availability 14K Rose Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold
    Primary Stone Turqouise, Blue Diamonds
    Number of Stones 1 turqouise, 28 diamonds


** Note: Gold and carat weight may vary slightly from piece to piece of the same style and it could reflect on the price

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