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Should You Repair or Modify Broken Jewelry?

If you need to repair your jewelry, it's also an excellent time to consider any modifications you might wish to make to it. Whether you'd like to upgrade a center stone, fuse your wedding band and engagement ring , or repurpose diamonds or gemstones into other pieces of jewelry, you can discuss these options with your jeweler when you visit them for jewelry repairs.

You may also have inherited estate jewelry that is in poor condition which you'd like to repair or modify, bringing new life to them by creating new styles you're happy to wear.

When to Repair Jewelry

If you wish to restore a piece that you love to its original beauty without any changes to its appearance, jewelry repair is the first option you should pursue. If an article is drastically damaged and repair isn't feasible, a recreation of the piece from new materials or incorporating salvageable materials may be possible.

When to Modify

If you have bought or inherited jewelry that isn't quite your style, modification may be precisely what you need. While many heirloom pieces are timeless in their style, others can be dated or just not in line with your taste. To maintain the sentimental quality of these pieces, you may be able to modify the style or repurpose the stones and metals into an entirely different piece of jewelry.


You may also have jewelry you or a loved one bought for you which, while you enjoyed at the time, doesn't align with your preferences as it once did. Modification is an option for this scenario, as well, which allows you to maintain the essence of the jewelry you've loved but which style you've outgrown. This cost-effective, environmentally friendly approach will let you preserve the emotional elements of each piece while restyling it so you'll be pleased to wear it again.

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