10 Critical Elements of Wow-Worthy Wedding Ring Design

0 Critical Elements of Wow-Worthy Wedding Ring Design

You’re getting married! And you’re...stressed? Don’t fret: we’ve seen this before, and we know what to do. Start your journey to “I do” off on the right foot with our no-stress guide to custom ring design.

With decades in this business, we’ve learned to recognize Ring Shopping Fatigue (RSF) as soon as it walks through our door. Whether a single shopper or a couple shopping together, there’s no hiding the telltale signs. What are the symptoms of RSF? Primary indicators include a downtrodden expression, slumped shoulders, and a world-weary sigh as RSF’s latest victim slouches toward us.

At Carats & Stones, we believe that education is the key to RSF prevention. Whether you’re on your first shop or your fiftieth, we make it our priority to listen to you and help you make the best decision to fit your budget and your needs. And don’t be surprised if we brew for you a pot of tea to get some color back in your cheeks….

Now, let’s sit down and please allow us a moment to tell you everything you need to know to know about wedding ring design.

1. Choose Your Jeweler Wisely

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Besides the person you plan to marry, your most important partner in designing an engagement and wedding ring is your designer. While you may not be committing to spending the rest of your life with your jeweler (well, not entirely. We’ll get into that soon), you ARE committing to wearing the rings that they create for life.

Before you commit to a jeweler, there are some things you should consider. Consider the following three aspects to help you find “the one” jeweler for you and your other “the one.”


In our digital age, there’s no shortage of options for finding honest reviews of a jeweler’s past work. After asking friends and family if they have any recommendations, check out the reviews left by other clients online. While any business is likely to have a few customers whose satisfaction seems to be impossible, a trend of dissatisfied customers is a red flag.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, call and make appointments to meet with your top choices. Allow this phone call to serve as the first indicator of what your experience with this jeweler might be like: is the person who answers the phone pleasant? If you speak directly with the jewelry designer, is their demeanor markedly improved when you reveal that you’re shopping for custom rings?

At each appointment, ask to see a portfolio of their previous custom work. While they’ll certainly have designed rings to suit the preferences of their previous customers, this should give you a sense of the quality of their work as well as their overall experience in ring design.

Collaboration Style

What is the jeweler doing when you talk? Are they looking at you? Listening? Nodding? Or are they looking around the room at other customers, answering the phone, and interrupting you?

Designing your wedding rings is a process, and it’s not a process you want to embark on with someone who doesn’t bother to listen to you or take your ideas seriously. More than anything, you don’t want to spend the next six weeks trying to design the perfect ring while your jeweler is trying everything in the book to jack up the price. And that brings us to: