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Is a Black Diamond Engagement Ring Right for Every Woman?

Is a Black Diamond Engagement Ring Right for Every Woman?

Those were the words Big offered Carrie in his proposal during the famous Sex and the City finale, after slipping a 5-carat black diamond engagement ring on her finger.

That might have been the turning point for what’s now one of the most sought-after engagement ring styles -- an engagement ring with black diamonds, striking the perfect balance between tradition and individuality, between biker jacket and cashmere sweater set. Black diamonds are the perfect stone for both edgy and classic jewellery design, in all cases achieving a statement piece. Whether surrounded by a halo of colorless diamonds or tucked into a yellow gold band, nothing says you’re one of a kind quite like a black diamond engagement ring sporting a gem the color of the midnight sky.

What exactly is a black diamond?

A true black diamond, also known as a Natural Fancy Black Diamond, gets its color from natural inclusions of materials such as graphite, pyrite or hematite, and from its unique structure, which affects how it reflects light, most of which is absorbed by the stone. Also known as Carbonado, black diamonds are found in the Central African Republic and in Brazil. Their natural color is black or dark grey, and they’re more porous than other diamonds. Therefore, a black diamond generally weighs a bit more than a colorless diamond, so the stone in an engagement ring with a one-carat black diamond will be smaller than a one-carat colorless diamond. Needless to say, the real appeal and value in black diamonds are in their unique and rare color.

Some black diamonds are actually treated black diamonds. Treated black diamonds begin as white diamonds, but often are of extremely low value due to the large number of inclusions in them. With the help of treatments such as irradiation or heat, they can be made to appear black.

Black diamonds appeal to the confident, free spirit

An engagement ring with black diamonds makes a bold statement of confidence, distinguishing its forward-thinking owner from the traditionalists living in their classic, 4-C castles. Since black diamonds have an inky dark color that’s essentially opaque, the rules of the 4Cs (carat, cut, color, and clarity) don't really apply, which might be just what appeals to the person wearing them. Black diamond engagement rings are most often crafted in white gold or platinum, although for those who prefer a road much less travelled, a black diamond set in yellow or rose gold forges a path even more uniquely its own.

Black diamonds appeal to the less traditional

For the woman who’s open to trying new things, a black diamond engagement ring will add a chic touch to her wardrobe, inspiring the curiosity of anyone who catches a glimpse of it. Though some of her friends might be sporting more classic styles, the woman who’s right for a black diamond engagement ring would rather not fit the classic mold. She’s confident in her fashion choices, and not afraid to create a style statement of her own. She knows what she’s wearing and why, and welcomes the inquisitive glances.

Black diamonds appeal to those who understand there are many ways to see beauty.

The woman wearing an engagement ring with black diamonds has the insight and imagination that allows her to recognize the unique beauty of the unconventional, and an eye for non-traditional fashion trends and styles. Whether her black diamonds are the accents encircling a white oval diamond or the centerpiece of a yellow gold band, there’s no denying their unconventional glamour.

A black diamond engagement ring is a reminder that life is short and full of adventures, and that some traditions can be unexpectedly enhanced by just a splash of novelty.

If you’re interested in purchasing a black diamond engagement ring, we have experts on staff who can help you locate the ring that’s perfect for you. At Carats and Stones, we not only have a large inventory, we are also able to source stones and jewelry from around the world. We’d be happy to assist in locating the black diamond engagement ring of your dreams.

Call us at (415) 875-9438 to book an engagement ring selection appointment, or stop by our Union Street store to learn more about black diamond engagement rings.

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