Smart Strategies for Buying and Selling Broken Jewelry

If you’ve decided to sell rather than repair your broken jewelry, you’re no doubt wondering where to find buyers that will offer you a fair price. While you’ll need to manage your expectations when selling jewelry that isn’t immediately wearable, you should know that there is still value in even broken jewelry. As you begin navigating the waters of online selling platforms or selling your items for their scrap materials, you may find the available information from different sources to be contradictory and even downright overwhelming. To help take the guesswork out of the process, we’ve provided this guide to walk you through your available options and help you arrive at the choice that’s best for you. Not sure if you want to repair or sell your jewelry? Our ultimate guide to jewelry repair has answers to all your questions about repairing and modifying jewelry. If you missed it, you can read it here: Must-Read Guide to Jewelry Repair

Why You Might Consider Selling Broken Jewelry

If you are considering selling your broken jewelry, you no doubt have a good reason. Whether the piece is irreparably damaged and you’re seeking to sell it for scrap or your broken piece holds no sentimental value, and you’d prefer to sell it and apply the proceeds to something new, you’ll have plenty of options to explore.

Start With an Appraisal

Before you begin exploring avenues to sell your broken jewelry, you should have it appraised. A professional appraisal will provide you with a better sense of the piece’s intrinsic value which can help you decide how best to proceed. Remember that while you may have an emotional value attached to the piece, buyers will not. With a professional appraisal, you can better assess the real value of the item and determine the most appropriate buyers for your article. It may also help inform your decision to sell your jewelry entirely. If you learn your broken jewelry won’t return much cash value to you, you might consider other options, such as modifying or repurposing it. Love some things about your broken jewelry but wish you could change others? Read: Should You Repair or. Modify Broken Jewelry. Prepare for Sale

If you’re selling your broken jewelry because you want to liquidate some of your jewelry investments or because you don’t particularly care for it, you may find that repairing the piece before selling it is the more profitable approach. If you are selling directly to a buyer, to a jeweler, or to a pawnbroker, the price you can ask for a broken piece will be significantly lower than the price of a wearable item. You should discuss the cost to repair with your jeweler; if the jewelry repairs are relatively inexpensive compared to the increase in the piece’s value, you might consider fixing your broken jewelry before selling it. A thorough cleaning will also help make your item more appealing to potential buyers, regardless of whether you decide to repair the piece or sell it as-is. Selling Broken Jewelry Directly to a Buyer Online marketplaces offer many options for selling your jewelry. Whether you list your item yourself on a public auction site or place an ad seeking a direct buyer will depend on your preference. If your jewelry is of high value, you may not be comfortable placing an advertisement on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist which may require an in-person meeting to complete the sale. Online auction sites, such as eBay, allow you to complete your transaction entirely online, however, you will incur fees for the site as well as for many of the possible payment methods.

Pros of Selling Directly to a Buyer

Selling your jewelry directly to an individual increases the odds that they are looking to purchase the piece for themselves rather than to turn a profit. Since they won’t be thinking about their profit margin, you may have the opportunity to sell it for closer to its appraised value. Making it easy for your buyer will also increase these odds. If you have an appraisal as well as an estimate on the needed repairs, the individual buying the piece can better assess the total investment and the overall value they’ll receive for it. Cons of Selling Directly to a Buyer

Even with an appraisal, selling directly to a consumer brings with it the need to educate potential buyers. While you have done your research and know what your piece is worth, your potential buyers may not recognize the value in your piece, and you may have to wade through low offers before you find one or two shoppers who have also done their homework on your jewelry’s worth. If you need to sell the piece quickly, this may not be a welcome delay. Selling Broken Jewelry to a pawnbroker

If the delays of selling to buyers directly don’t appeal to you, you may consider pawnbrokers as your next option. While you can likely sell your item quickly with this choice, it may come with sacrifices in other areas.

Pros of Selling to a pawnbroker

If quick turnaround is what you desire, a pawnbroker will be among your fastest options. Typically, you can expect to sell your item immediately if your piece can be repaired and resold. You can also expect to be paid in cash so the full amount of the sale will be immediately available to you. Cons of Selling to a pawnbroker

Even with an intact piece of jewelry, a pawnbroker is going to reduce the price they offer you by the investment they’ll be making in time and energy to sell your article to a new buyer. You’re also unlikely to fetch a similar price from a pawnbroker as you would directly from a buyer, so while this approach may offer the benefit of quick payment, but that payment will be less than you could likely receive if time were not a concern for you. Selling Broken Jewelry for Scrap

You’ve no doubt seen advertisements for companies offering to pay cash for your gold jewelry. For irreparable jewelry, these scrap buyers may be a viable option. While you’ll be selling your items only for the value of its parts, some scrap metal buyers pay top dollar for those parts. If there are gemstones in a piece that you plan to sell to a scrap buyer, you might consider having your jeweler remove any stones first so that you can sell them separately. Pros of Selling Broken Jewelry for Scrap

When your jewelry is damaged beyond repair, scrap buyers offer an option to recoup at least part of your investment. All of these buyers are not created equal, however. It’s important to research each company that you’re considering to ensure they have a good reputation and a track record for paying out a fair price to past customers. You should also learn the value of your items so you can ensure you’re getting the best price. While you can calculate the cost of your scrap gold before you seek out buyers, you should know that the spot value may change from day to day, and you will only receive a percentage of the calculated value from even the most reputable of buyers. Cons of Selling Broken Jewelry for Scrap

While selling your metals for scrap may offer a reasonable price with minimal invested time, selling loose gemstones is not quite as simple. If your broken piece has large diamonds or colored gemstones, you may want to have these removed for repurposing into a new piece of jewelry before you seek out a scrap buyer for your metal materials. Selling Broken Jewelry to a Jeweler If your goal in selling your broken jewelry is to recoup your costs which you’ll put toward the purchase of new jewelry, you may want to talk with your jeweler about your options. Not all jewelers buy jewelry, whether it be damaged or in like-new condition. If your jeweler is skilled at custom jewelry design and completes jewelry repair on-site, however, they may be interested in the broken jewelry you’re looking to sell.


If you’re ultimately looking to invest in a new piece of jewelry after selling off the broken items, your jeweler should be your first stop. They may be willing to offer you credit against your new purchase in exchange for your damaged items. You may also be able to repurpose much of your damaged item for use in a new, custom piece your jeweler can create for you. Cons

If you’re selling your broken jewelry without intent to replace it with something new, this option may not be ideal for you. If your jeweler offers credit for broken jewelry, this won’t provide you with the cash on hand that is available when you sell to a pawnbroker, for example. Additionally, not all jewelers purchase broken jewelry. If you’re unsure of your jeweler’s policies, you may save yourself a trip by calling before you drop by.

Talk to a Professional

If you’re considering whether to sell a piece of damaged jewelry, you should reach out to your trusted family jeweler to discuss your options before you make any decisions. They can help you with the appraisal of the piece, and also discuss the costs to repair or re-purpose it, and may potentially be willing to buy it from you directly, saving you quite a bit of the legwork involved with your other options.

For jewelry repair and custom jewelry design in San Francisco, you’re always welcome to stop by our Union Street showroom. Whether you’ve been our customer for decades or haven’t yet visited our shop, a member

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