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Say it With Silver: A 25 Year Anniversary Gift Guide

April 17, 2018

Get all the gift ideas you'll ever need, from traditional to contemporary, to celebrate your first twenty-five years in unbelievable style.


Stunning Silver Gifts to Celebrate your Silver Anniversary in Style


You’ve made it to your 25 year milestone anniversary. It’s time to celebrate in style as you look back over the unforgettable memories you’ve made together over the years.


Twenty-Five Year Anniversary Traditions


While every year of your marriage is important and worth celebrating, there's no denying that some wedding anniversaries feel more significant than others. Your twenty-five year anniversary, also known as the Silver Anniversary, is one such anniversary. Not only may you and your partner feel like you've achieved a milestone, but friends and family may be keen to celebrate with you, as well. Whether you're planning a quiet celebration for yourself or looking for ways to acknowledge this milestone year for a loved one, this guide is here to give you all the information you need to find the perfect 25 year anniversary gift.


What is the twenty-five year anniversary gift?


Just as the name implies, the traditional material of Silver Anniversary gifts is silver! This tradition dates to the custom in Medieval Germany of wives receiving wreaths of silver from their spouse, friends, and family in celebration of their 25th year of marriage. If you're shopping for a woman who would love nothing more than a silver wreath to wear on her head, there's no easier anniversary to shop for. For the rest of us, the silver anniversary gift ideas below may be more suitable.


Traditional Twenty-Five Year Anniversary Gift: Silver   


It's not only friends and family who consider twenty-five years to be a milestone anniversary worthy of celebration:


Modern 25th Anniversary Gifts: Sterling Silver 

The contemporary list of anniversary gifts began in the 1930s to provide alternate, readymade gifts to the more traditional list. For many milestone years, these lists offer the same material. The 25th anniversary is, for all intents and purposes, one such year. It is uncommon to find all but the most delicate of jewelry items (such as pendants and earrings) available in pure silver. It is common, however, to find sterling silver which is then plated in pure silver or gold. Sterling silver anniversary gifts and silver anniversary gifts are, therefore, defined so similarly that their difference comes down mostly to semantics.


If you're not sure what the difference is between silver and sterling silver, you're not alone. It's a question we hear often, and we're glad to help you understand.


Silver is a soft metal. Too soft, in fact, to be used in making some kinds of jewelry. To make it harder, pure silver (or fine silver) is frequently mixed with other metals to make it more durable. The result is an alloy with a 92.5% silver content and 7.5% other metals (commonly copper, nickel, or zinc.) This alloy is what we refer to as sterling silver, and it's that 7.5% of other metals that differentiates it from pure or fine silver, which has a silver content of 99.9%.


These additional metals in sterling silver are the culprits behind tarnishing, not the silver itself. Proper care for your sterling silver jewelry, flatware, holloware, and other gifts can keep it in top condition, however.


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Silver Anniversary Gift Ideas


The Silver Wedding Anniversary offers a traditional and contemporary material that can be interpreted in countless ways. If you're shopping for the 25th wedding anniversary of friends or parents, keepsakes or decor such as a silver frame, vase, or even a silver dipped rose are appropriate.


If you're shopping for your spouse, silver offers the perfect opportunity to give a gift of silver jewelry, such as a locket or a ring.


Consider silver-tone jewelry, such as white gold or platinum, as well -- these alternatives won't tarnish or irritate nickel allergies, which are typical concerns when shopping for silver jewelry.


Nubia diamond bracelet:


The 18K white gold and diamond Nubia bracelet is a beautiful 25th anniversary gift with subtle sophistication.  


The white gold and diamond Nubia bracelet is a stunning and elegant option for those who appreciate the finer things and wish to incorporate the silver color of the traditional anniversary material into a luxurious and glamorous gift.  


Trapeze diamond necklace: