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The Essential Guide to Diamond Anniversary Gifts

April 24, 2018

 Celebrate sixty years of love & laughter with our expanded and updated guide, including gift ideas, party planning tips, plus a bonus guide for years 65-90!


For an unforgettable 60th anniversary gift, diamonds are the way to go


Explore 60 year anniversary gifts that suit every taste and style.


Wedding Anniversary Gift Traditions


If you've read our Ultimate Guide to Anniversary Gifts by Year, you'll recall that the tradition of giving anniversary gifts of a specific material each year is a custom that dates back to the Middle Ages. With time, the tradition traveled and grew to include customary gifts for many milestone wedding anniversaries.


In 1937, a modern list of ready-made gifts supplemented the traditional list with gifts that may have been more practical for the time. This list also filled in the years in between the milestone anniversaries, offering guidance for every wedding anniversary for a couple's first sixty years of marriage.


The Diamond Anniversary   


We owe the popularity of diamond engagement rings and the ever-present "A Diamond is Forever" slogan to the mind Frances Gerety who coined the now iconic tagline in 1947 while working on a DeBeers campaign for the Philadephia advertising agency N.W. Ayer. The traditional diamond anniversary, however, predates both Gerety and DeBeers.


Why is it called the Diamond Anniversary?



Over the course of many years, the traditional symbols of milestone anniversaries took hold and began to spread. According to an 1859 edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac, the Diamond Anniversary, or Diamond Wedding, was celebrated as the seventy-five year anniversary. When Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 1897 to mark the 60th anniversary of her coronation, however, the custom followed the Queen's example, and many now celebrate the Diamond Anniversary at 60 years.


Diamond Anniversary Gifts That Dazzle


You’ve waited sixty incredible years to make it to your diamond anniversary. Now it’s time to celebrate in timeless style with diamond anniversary jewelry that will take her breath away!


While the word diamond tends to evoke the enduring image of a cooly radiant colorless diamond, there's more to this stone than meets the eye. While colorless diamonds offer timeless elegance and are highly regarded and always in demand, diamonds come in a rainbow of colors. From the extremely rare red diamond to the mysterious black diamond or the legendary gray-blue of the Hope Diamond, fancy color diamonds add to the range of possibilities for Diamond Anniversary gifts.


Shop Colorless Diamond Anniversary Gifts for Her