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A Guide To Design Your Own Wedding Rings

Getting married is an exciting time in a couple’s journey, and the ring you choose should reflect your personal style and taste. Your wedding ring should be just as unique as you are!

But, designing your own wedding ring can be a little daunting at the beginning. So we’ve broken down some tips so that you can go into this process feeling confident and prepared to design your very own custom wedding rings.

Before Your Go to the Jeweler

Before you even head to your chosen jeweler, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Before diving into designing your ring, you should look at some design options and get a feel for what ring materials you might want.

There are a few band materials you can choose from:

Platinum: Platinum rings are the most expensive band material but also the most durable. These are popular because they can be worked into various designs, are hypoallergenic, and do not require a rhodium plate the way gold does. So they last a long time with little maintenance!

Palladium: Palladium is the next material to look to consider. Like platinum rings, palladium is hypoallergenic and does not require a rhodium plate. It can be used for many different styles and is much lighter than platinum or gold. But it is challenging to work with, so if you want to use this material, you should find a jeweler with experience working with palladium.

Gold: Gold rings are a trendy and beautiful option but do mean extra maintenance. Gold requires a new rhodium plate every one to two years to maintain the reflective shine. Depending on what kind you get, it might also cause an allergic reaction. White gold has been known to cause a reaction in those with nickel allergies, but yellow and rose gold do not. 18k is generally the best for custom rings and the most durable.

Sterling Silver: Sterling silver rings are another choice. This material works well for highly intricate designs and is affordable. But there are some drawbacks. The material is not as durable as some of the others listed and does require special care to maintain it.

There are a few other types of metal that can be used for wedding rings, including tungsten, titanium, and cobalt. These materials are more complex than the others and generally cannot be crafted into complicated styles. But you can still add ring engravings and make the ring personal.

If you want something durable and less showy, these might be for you.

Gemstones and Gem Cuts

Gemstones and Gem Cuts

The hallmark of the ring isn’t the material it’s made out of: it’s usually the gemstones and the gem cut!

This is always an important consideration; since there are so many different gemstones available, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. Not everyone wants diamonds for their wedding rings set, although it is the most popular choice!

There are other gemstones to choose from! Although this isn’t an exhaustive list, here are some of the most common stones available for your ring:

  • Emerald

  • Amethyst

  • Garnet

  • Peridot

  • Tanzanite

  • Black Onyx

  • Ruby

  • Topaz

  • Sapphire

And of course, once you choose what gemstone you want, you can also choose a style of gem cut. Here are a few of the most popular styles:

  • Brilliant Round

  • Princess

  • Emerald

  • Oval

  • Marquise

  • Radiant

  • Pear

The key to creating your own custom wedding ring is to design something you love and will cherish for the rest of your life. It will be helpful to look at designs, pick some options for the ring materials, and have an idea for potential ring engravings before finding a jeweler. That way, you have an idea of what you want, and your jeweler can make your wishes come true.

It can also help to go to a nearby jewelry store and try on some different styles and fits to see what you like and what is the most comfortable. You don’t want to design a whole ring around a style that looks good, only to find out it is uncomfortable on your finger.

When to Start Designing and How Long Will it Take?

Sometimes couples want to choose the ring together, and sometimes one partner wants it to be a surprise for the other.

Either way, giving the whole process anywhere from a few weeks to a few months is wise.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries are experiencing labor shortages and supply chain issues. So it’s best to start as early as your budget and timeline will allow.

If there hadn’t been a pandemic, it's essential to realize that the materials may take some time to get before the ring can actually be made. Be patient with your jeweler and listen to them if they say the process may take some time. It will all be worth the wait!

How Much Will the Rings Cost?

The big question is always how much the ring will cost.

And that all depends on what type of ring you want and what materials you want to use.

A custom ring can run anywhere from $500 to $15,000, depending on many different factors. Some materials are more expensive, and some styles are more expensive. Intricate designs with custom ring engravings are going to cost more.

But there are ways to work around these problems. A good jeweler will help you decide on a design that fits your budget. Even if you fall in love with something out of your budget, your jeweler can redesign it for a similar material that might work better for you. Or you can repurpose heirloom jewelry to reuse it in your ring. That could give it even more special significance.

How to Find the Right Jeweler

Finding the right jeweler for you and your significant other is a crucial step in this process. You want to work with someone who understands what style you are going for, will listen to you, and turn your ideas into something unique for you.

When deciding on a jeweler, you should look at designs that person has already made and find someone with a similar style to what you want. Looking at reviews and portfolios will give you an idea of what they are like to work with and what kind of rings they usually create. It is also essential to make sure the jeweler you choose is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified and has good experience.

Depending on what you want to do, many places allow you to come in person to design your ring, connect with a jeweler virtually, or even fill out an online form to start the process off. There are options for you to start this process whenever and wherever you desire.

Make Your Ring One You Will Love

Let us help you and your future spouse design the rings that you will love for the rest of your life!

We have experience using almost all of the ring materials, gemstones, gem cuts, and much more! Book a time to come into our San Francisco shop or do a consultation online.


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