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Divorce Is Not The End - It Is A New Beginning

Divorce is never easy: many people get married to the person they believe is their life partner. When divorce does happen, it represents a change in both spouses' lives that often leaves them feeling lost and unsure.

Those feelings are valid and are necessary to recognize! But it’s also important to realize that divorce is not the end of everything but is the opportunity for a brand new beginning.

Many of the actions you can take to facilitate your new beginning are meant to be celebrations. Here are five of our favorite ways to get started on that new chapter in your life. Our favorites are hosting a divorce party, do a “stuff” cleanse, travel the world, develop a new skill or hobby, or get your jewelry repurposed!

Host a Divorce Party

“Any friend can throw you a bachelorette party, but only a true friend will throw you a divorce party.” - Anonymous

Once you become single, one way to truly create a new beginning is with a party! Parties can be uplifting, fun, and positive experiences.

Divorce parties are basically the reverse of engagement or bachelorette parties, where you, friends, and family celebrate your marriage ending. These can be done mutually between ex-spouses, or they can be done separately if you part on bad terms.

By throwing this party, you are leaving behind one life and beginning another one. This is why divorce parties are meant to be celebratory and joyous rather than overall negative experiences. There are so many fun ways to have a divorce party, and they are a lot of fun to both plan and participate in!

Do a “Stuff” Cleanse

“Clutter is anything that doesn’t belong is a space - whether because it belongs elsewhere in your home or it doesn’t belong in your home any longer.” - Anonymous

When you get a divorce, there is always property, assets, and general “stuff” that the divorced couple needs to sort through. Sometimes this is an easy process, and other times it is extremely difficult. Whether you have the first or second experience, the “stuff” still exists, and you need to do something about it. Examples of stuff can be anything from lawn mowers, any kind of furniture, to stocks, to even silver or gold jewelry!

This can be a hard experience for you as a newly single person. Maybe you started to do something like this already, but couldn’t finish. Or perhaps this step feels so overwhelming you have been ignoring it completely.

Going through your possessions is a step-by-step process. One of the first steps might be to get familiar with the popular Konmari method of tidying up - Marie Kondo has her own website and show on Netflix that makes cleaning up easier! Take a few minutes to study her method, or take a look at her shop. She has some amazing home goods that are not exactly cheap but are designed to make your home feel tidy and harmonious.

Another option for doing a “stuff” cleanse is to actually perform a smudging ritual, where you use sage and follow steps to rid your remaining possessions of bad energy or karma. Although this ritual might not be for everyone, depending on your beliefs, it can be a way for you to feel better about the stuff left behind after your divorce.

Travel the World

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” - Susan Sontag

Travel has always been popular, but have you considered traveling the world after your divorce?

When you travel the world, you open yourself up to new experiences, new people, and brand-new foods! Travel has a way of healing the soul and awakening some many positive feelings in a person. That’s why so many people, once their divorce is finalized (or maybe even before), begin to start traveling.

There are so many ways to get started too! You don’t have to jet off to London or Paris if that isn’t in your budget. You can start small, taking road trips or day trips closer to home. It’s amazing how you can discover hidden gems not too far from home!

One of our favorite activities when our staff travels abroad is to shop for old jewelry! Almost every major city in almost every country has antique shops or similar stores that sell antiques. Some of these stores will even sell old jewelry, loose gemstones, and much more. Even if the jewelry you find doesn’t entirely suit your tastes, or doesn’t quite fit, don’t worry about that! Almost all jewelry can be repurposed into something new.

Develop a New Skill or Hobby

“It is never too late to become what you might have been.” - George Eliot

This new beginning is something many of us wish we would do, but so much tends to get in the way. Making time to learn a new skill or hobby might just be the right action after your divorce.

One of the best websites for learning how to be craft is eHow. This site will walk you through anything you want to know, as well as get you started with other resources that might be helpful. This method does require a bit more self-motivation, as you want to have a goal in mind when you get on the site. You end up going down quite the rabbit hole if you don’t! But maybe, that’s precisely what you really need!

Repurpose Your Jewelry

“Jewelery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” - Elizabeth Taylor

A big question we get is, “what am I supposed to do with my engagement and wedding ring?” That is a great question and one of the great activities that you can undertake in your new, post-divorce journey!

What you choose to do with your old rings is entirely up to you. Maybe you want to keep the set in your jewelry box and not look at them for a while. Or, perhaps you want to break down your rings into loose gemstones to repurpose into another piece. This is exactly what repurposed jewelry is, and some of the ways you could reuse your engagement and wedding rings.

But it’s not all the possible ways! Repurposed jewelry is as unique as the existing rings and the person wearing them. There are so many options and combinations to explore, and can be a little overwhelming. But that’s where an expert jeweler comes into the picture! A custom jewelry artisan can help you take all of your current pieces and turn it into something new.

Let Us be Your Custom Jewelry Store

Whether you picked up some old jewelry on your travels or want to create repurposed jewelry from your old rings, our experts are here to help! Let us help you create the best pieces of jewelry possible and help you get started on your new beginning.

As your preferred custom jewelry store, we are here to help provide design direction on a new piece or to help you find the perfect piece in our showroom!

We work will all types of gold jewelry, as well as silver and platinum, so your jewelry is safe with us. You can visit our San Francisco store to speak to one of our designers or book a virtual consultation here!


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