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Fantastic Divorce Party Ideas You Should Know About!

Fantastic Divorce Party Ideas You Should Know About

Divorce is the end of one chapter of your life and the opportunity to start a new one.

One of the ways to usher in this new chapter is to throw a divorce party! In recent years this has become a popular method for divorcees to celebrate the end of their marriage, especially with divorce rates in the United States being so high. These numbers were high even before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the last two years certainly have made existing problems worse.

Here are some of the best divorce party ideas out there! We also included a short guide on what divorcees can do with their old wedding jewelry.

What is a Divorce Party?

A divorce party or divorce celebration is the opposite of a bachelorette party, where you celebrate the end of your marriage and a new direction.

Divorce parties came in all themes, ideas, and tones. Some divorcees will choose to have a joint divorce party since there are many people involved in their lives when they were married. Others, especially when the divorce was messy or hard, might have different parties with no communication whatsoever.

Divorce parties can be as simple or elaborate as you want! This is your celebration, so it's important to model it after what you want your new chapter or future to look like. This includes partying with the family and friends who stood by you through your divorce!

When Should You Have a Divorce Party?

It’s important to note that there is a particular time and place for you to plan a divorce party; it’s after your divorce is finalized! Celebrating before all of the contracts, medications, asset divisions, or anything that requires a signature is done could be premature. You can start planning your divorce party, but consider holding it once everything is signed and there are no potential legal problems.

A Note About Divorce Party Ideas

Before we break down the many theme and divorce party ideas options, just a note on the ultimate purpose of a divorce party. No matter how your divorce ended, this party represents a new beginning. Your and your friends or family’s goal should be to turn something that might have been bad into good: it’s all about remembering and leaving the past behind you in a healthy way.

This is why it’s essential to keep all of your divorce party ideas as fun and positive as possible. Don’t dwell on the negative as much as you possibly can.

Choose Your Theme

Although not all divorce party ideas begin with the theme, as every party planner will know, your theme is central to getting your party off on the right foot. The theme sets the tone for how you want your party to be: fun and wild, chic and elegant, based on a movie or song, and everything in between!

Many people will choose a theme that represents the opposite of their marriage - this can be a really healthy way to establish new boundaries and hopes for the future. Examples of these kinds of themes include one-word themes, like happy, empowered, secure, etc.

Another popular theme group is based your divorce party on your favorite book, movie, or song. Two of the most popular options are Beyonce’s Single Ladies, and the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Choose Your Activities

There are as many divorce party ideas as there are marriages and divorces, so here are a couple of our favorites!

Take a Spa Day This idea isn’t limited to just women! Everyone could just need some pampering every now and again for their mental health, so make it a party with friends and/or family. You can get a professional spa day at your preferred salon or go all out having the star treatment at a hotel or resort.

For those who are trying to be more budget-conscious, consider setting up a spa day at your or a friend’s house! These get-togethers can be even more fun than the more expensive version because you and your group can practice massages on each other, or just de-evolve into drinking your preferred beverage. (Which is also a theme in itself!)

Escape an Escape Room Escape rooms are fun activities for big groups: perfect for inviting all of your long-time friends, work friends, and family members. There are different escape room themes that you can choose, from escaping a bomb in the room to escaping multiple rooms in a specific time period. Many people who haven’t experienced escape rooms are in for a treat!

There is also a theme in an “escape” room if escaping a bad marriage is something you or a friend have done through your divorce.

Reverse Bachelorette or Bachelor Party A reverse bachelorette party is that chance to have that bachelorette party that you never had or a repeat performance but much better! This is a chance to travel to a new place you and your friends might never have been, since when you were planning your wedding your finances could have been tight. Or, if you did have the time of your life, take this chance to make it even better with a new destination.

Have a Jewelry Party We might be biased, but a jewelry party seems like a perfect way to spend your post-marital bliss! Whether you choose to host a party from one of the many options out there or take a stroll through Carats and Stones store or online shop, there are tons of new jewelry to find this way!

Host a Reverse Symbolism Party This divorce party activity can be a lot of different traditions that you do differently, but our personal favorite is related to your wedding or engagement rings. Some couples will choose the engagement ring together and have an idea of what they want for their wedding set. It’s perfectly reasonable to take this tradition and reverse engineer it: go pick out new jewelry or repurpose your existing rings!

What Happens to Your Old Rings?

Depending on how assets are divided up in your marriage, you might either give your rings back to your ex-spouse, or you might end up keeping them.

What happens to your rings if you keep them is entirely up to you. Many men and women might feel that the rings are bad luck, so they choose to sell them. Others might decide to take apart their rings for loose gemstones or meltdown the metals into something new. Repurposed jewelry doesn’t have to be the same type it once was: if you want to combine your old wedding rings with other jewelry you own to create something new, you can!

Your Custom Jewelry Store

Our founder, Linda Kha, and our fabulous team of experts are here not only when you shop engagement rings with us but also when you are ready to repurpose your old rings! We are your custom jewelry store for all of your post-wedding needs.

We understand that your wedding set is an emotional memory for you, whether good or bad. Our experts understand that whether you want to only use the loose gemstones or want more of a custom piece using all of your rings, we are here to help you design something unique.

Providing direction on designs or giving advice is our specialty!

We work will all types of gold jewelry, as well as silver and platinum, so your jewelry is safe with us. You can visit our San Francisco store to speak to one of our designers or book a virtual consultation here!


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