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Key Points To Consider Prior To A Vow Renewal Ceremony

Many of us have heard of vow renewals or might even have attended a vow renewal ceremony.

When a couple holds a vow renewal, they reaffirm their commitment to each other. It’s not another marriage, but rather a celebration. Couples who have been married for any number of years could decide to celebrate their life and marriage through a vow renewal.

To renew wedding vows isn’t something a couple must do, but they can choose to honor each other and their time together through a party, a destination getaway, or in any way they want!

A vow renewal shouldn’t be as complicated or stressful as planning a wedding, but there are several key points to consider before your ceremony! These points include the dress, invitations, the vows, and of course the rings!

The Vow Renewal Dress

Vow Renewal Dresses Do Not Have To Be Traditional
Vow Renewal Dresses Do Not Have To Be Traditional

“We still do.” - Anonymous

Just like a wedding dress, the vow renewal dress can be just as important! For many women, it’s another commitment symbol that sets the tone of the vow renewal and the party they might want their friends and family to attend. Also, many women take their vow renewal dress just as seriously as their wedding dress!

While there isn’t a traditional rule to follow with the vow renewal dress, it is essential to know the style and kind of dress you are interested in. The budget for this item should also be factored in, especially if you choose to wear a wedding-style dress.

But the sky is the limit with picking your dress! You can choose to wear any color that you want; you don’t have to stick with just white, beige, ivory, or the more traditional colors.

The Vow Renewal Invitations

“I still remember the feelings I felt when I first started talking to you.” - Anonymous

A vow renewal is a particular time in a couple’s relationship: one that can be shared or celebrated with friends and family. If you choose to celebrate with your family and friends, vow renewal invitations might be important for you to consider!

This small but mighty touch could differentiate your vow renewal ceremony from the wedding that you had before. In some cases, if your wedding didn’t include invitations (or you just emailed invitations!), it might make a more elegant statement to have a well-designed invitation.

This doesn’t have to be a stressful experience either! Your invitations help make the initial statement that your vow renewal makes: is it tropical-themed? Is it a destination vow renewal? Is it more elegant and being held in a ballroom? No matter the theme or look of your vow renewal ceremony, the invitations might help get that across to your guests!

Renew Wedding Vows

Middle-aged couple renewing vows on a beach
Renewing Your Vows Can Be A Magical Experience

Renewing your wedding vows are the most important part of the ceremony!

Remember back to writing your vows the first time? How did you feel when you did it? Did you have someone help you write them? Consider also why strong vows are important: would it make your spouse happy? Would it make your family happy to hear if they didn’t get to be a part of your wedding day?

These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself as you try to put your love into words and down on paper.

Old Wedding Rings Redesigned

Last but not least, consider if you want to upgrade. Wedding ring shopping might be much different this time around because many couples might not have had a lot of money to start. Likewise, a more expensive engagement ring that your significant other bought that didn’t quite suit you could get a facelift.

Whether you choose to buy another ring, there are lots of ideas for redesigning wedding rings out there! Start with looking at rings that are similar to yours and branching out from there: you could find your new, upgraded wedding ring!

Make sure to speak to your spouse about getting old wedding rings redesigned before you do it: you both need to decide on a budget!

Consider getting your old wedding rings redesigned by one of our experts!

Vow Renewal Rings by Carats and Stones

Custom designed rings
The Experts At Carats and Stones Can Help You Create The Perfect Ring!

Let our staff help you redesign your wedding rings for your renewal ceremony. We can start from scratch with a brand new design that incorporates your old wedding rings. Or, we can help you to add to your ring with more gemstones or a different design.

Your ideas for redesigning wedding rings is something we believe is collaborative and should always be honored. That’s why all of our pieces are custom-designed for you and often by you.

Don’t forget about our jewelry repair service, which is always available when you need it! Wedding rings can be broken as easily as any other kind of jewelry, so when the time comes that you need it repaired, we are here for you.

Come visit us at 1833 Union St or set up a virtual appointment here!


It’s important to note that renewing wedding vows is not a legal process like getting married. This is a celebration of love and commitment to each other, rather than a legally binding process like when you first joined your lives together.


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