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Repurposing Jewelry to Create One-of-a-Kind Heirloom Pieces

Anyone who inherits their grandmother’s pearls or their father’s watch knows that these pieces are more than just the pearls or the gold: these pieces hold significant sentimental value. But often, they aren’t suited to everyone’s unique taste or style. Sometimes, the third or fourth generation to inherit heirloom pieces simply place them in a velvet-padded jewelry box and they are never seen again.

That’s where repurposing can give the heirloom piece or pieces a purpose, one more suited to the individual. Here at Carats and Stones, our founder, Linda Kha, has been helping to breathe new life into heirloom pieces for over forty years.

This is what to expect when meeting with Linda, whether it’s your first time or you are a generational customer.


Using Your Existing Piece For Repurposing Jewelry

We all have those heirloom pieces lying around our houses or apartments. These are pieces that we love but might just not be to our taste, but we don’t want to get rid of them. That’s the goal of repurposing, to make something new out of something we love. Some of us might already have an idea in mind of what we want to see for something new, but others might have no idea. We just don’t love the earrings or necklaces we inherited.

For example, one option for a ring could be resetting the entire piece. Or, it could be missing something, like a couple of gemstones that could be added. It’s entirely possible that the piece isn’t going to work for you; it should be melted down completely and the material reused.

You only know what options are available for your new piece once you speak with Linda and the staff!

Before booking an appointment with Linda and the staff, raid your jewelry box, nightstand, or other places where your heirloom jewelry might live. This includes anything in perfect condition or broken pieces that could be repurposed into something new. This exploration lets you know precisely what you have and don’t have: many customers come into the shop with an idea of what they want to achieve with their new piece. But they don’t have all the materials or stones they would like. That’s why going through your existing jewelry is so important!

You will always get honest opinions and advice from the experts at carats and stones

Honest Advice

Linda only offers honest advice to all of her new or existing customers: it’s why four generations of families use her exclusively to design their jewelry. Her experience and that of her staff can help bring your new repurposed heirloom piece to life.

This advice can come in many forms. Linda will be honest with you if your jewelry isn’t authentic, but she understands that it has value to you. This will help you make the right decisions with what you already have, especially regarding cost. She will be honest with you about the possibilities with your heirloom piece: often, a customer’s vision might exceed the materials and their budget. That’s always ok because Linda can help you with options.

Linda and the staff will also make recommendations based on what they learn from your consultation and the options you love when browsing the store. This helps the design process and helps our staff deliver exactly what you expect.

It’s vital that a customer ask questions so they can get what they genuinely want during the consultation!

The Initial Consultation

Linda and the staff are at your disposal during your forty-five-minute initial consultation. This is where the team is learning about you: your tastes, what you already have in your heirloom jewelry pile, and your vision.

Learning your unique taste is the first step for Linda and her team. It’s vital when repurposing jewelry that your jeweler understands you as a person. Is your taste refined and elegant? Or is it bohemian and flashy? Is it a mix of both, and there simply isn’t a name for your style? Perhaps you aren’t sure what your style is. That is perfectly okay because one of the steps in the consultation is taking you around the Carats and Stones boutique to pick out existing pieces that catch your eye.

The next step is to evaluate your existing heirloom jewelry. If you did your homework, you should already have options to choose from. (If not, don’t worry! Linda and the staff will help you here). Linda will take a look at what you have, and then it’s time for your vision.

Many clients already have an idea of what they want: this can make the design process go quicker, but many do not. That’s where Linda and the staff can make recommendations and help you design the perfect piece for you, or if it’s a gift for a loved one, something they might love.

The Design Process

At this point, Linda and the staff will get started on your personal design, creating something brand new from your heirloom pieces.

The design process will take many forms because Linda personalizes this for each unique customer. What’s important here is what the team is starting with, your materials, vision, and budget, and the end goal of the new piece. The entire design process can also take a couple of rounds, depending on the existing materials the team is working with and what new materials need to be acquired.

Materials like gold can be melted directly on-site for the most optimal customer experience. Carats and Stones understands that this can be a sentimental experience, so we only provide the best experience here: we have even videotaped the gold being melted down for customers before!

At this step, the customer must voice exactly what they love or don’t love about Linda’s proposed design. This is such a personal experience for each person that we want to ensure each customer is happy. Our expert team will work directly with what you already have and within your budget.

Repurposing Jewelry at Carats and Stones is all about giving you the best value for the price

A Note on Transparent Pricing

Transparency is key in pricing heirloom pieces - there is, of course, evaluating the value and materials of the existing piece and the cost of the new piece with any additional materials.

Heirloom pieces come in all shapes, sizes, and values in the jewelry world. There is always a chance that grandma’s heirloom ring is worth a lot of money, but it might also only be costume jewelry and only look expensive. Linda and the staff will help you, as much as possible, determine the value of each part of your heirloom pieces, down to each gemstone. We know that a piece’s worth is more than monetary, but we will be completely transparent about your piece's overall value.

When repurposing an heirloom piece with Linda, she offers a la carte pricing so you know exactly what your piece will cost. Usually, the minimum starting price will be $2,800 - $3,000. The price will go up or down, depending on several factors. Our staff will ensure you know exactly what you are paying for in terms of design, staff time, and materials upfront.

Being transparent is an essential part of our business: we want all customers to feel they are getting everything they want out of their new piece.

Get Started with Caracts and Stones

Are you a family wanting to fuse wedding bands together for a new wedding band? Or have you inherited a closet of jewelry that doesn’t suit you?

It’s time to get started with Linda and the team to repurpose that heirloom jewelry! Simply book an appointment and pay the $250 nonrefundable deposit to get started. This deposit will be credited towards the cost of your project; don’t worry!

Once your appointment is booked, get started on your homework and look for those heirloom pieces to redesign.


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