Swoon-worthy Gifts for Your Five Year Anniversary

Swoon-worthy Gifts for Your Five Year Anniversary

Major gifts for a major milestone: Get ideas for traditional, modern, and one of a kind five-year anniversary gifts, plus a plan ahead guide for years 6-9!

Time flies when you’re having fun and, if you’re like most newly married couples, those first five years felt like they flew by in a blur. Your five year wedding anniversary, to many, is seen as the first of many milestones to come—and cause to celebrate. Whether you’re planning an anniversary bash that will rival your wedding reception or a quiet evening for two, we’ve done the legwork and put all of the five-year anniversary traditions and gifts in one place so you can spend less time searching and more time celebrating!

Celebrating Your Five Year Anniversary

Weddings and anniversaries are steeped in centuries-old customs and traditions. While many customs are regional or even familial, others are widespread and rooted in the ceremonies and superstitions of our earliest ancestors.

Some, like the wedding cake, can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Other traditions, thankfully, didn’t stand the test of time, such as the ancient Roman custom of studying pig entrails to determine the luckiest time to marry.

Five Year Anniversary Gifts

One tradition we’re all glad to keep going is the exchange of anniversary gifts. Whether you prefer the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, tend toward the modern, or use the time-honored guidelines to create an anniversary gift that is uniquely your own, this guide will help you along your way to planning a never-to-be-forgotten anniversary tradition of your own.

Traditional Five Year Anniversary Gifts of Wood

The conventional material of five year wedding anniversary gifts is wood. These traditional materials are said to grow in stability each year as your marriage does. Wood follows the first four years which were represented by paper, cotton, leather, and linen or silk. Symbolically, wood represents the strength of your relationship after five years and its continued upward growth.

Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gifts of wood are highly customizable, from wall decor to wooden frames and even wooden jewelry, such as a hardwood ring.

Handwood Ring - Carats & Stones

With such a versatile medium, it’s easy to think first about the types of gifts your partner would appreciate and then find the angle that incorporates the material. For the amateur chef, a cutting board or barbecue tools are a practical gift.

A whiskey aficionado might love nothing more than a barrel-aged whiskey, while the wine lover in your life will love wine cork art.

If you’re a couple who loves to travel, or maybe you haven’t had the chance to get away since your honeymoon, why not incorporate wood in your gift of plane tickets for a