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The Benefits of Investing in High-Quality, Handcrafted Jewelry

So you're looking to buy new, high-quality jewelry for a special occasion? Maybe you need to line up a Valentine’s Day gift or are ready to purpose to that special someone?

There are so many options that it can get a little confusing.

It's hard to know what companies to visit and what jewelers to trust. But before you dive in and start looking to buy, it's essential to know what to look for. Understanding the different precious stones and styles is only half the battle.

How jewelry is crafted makes a big difference to the final product. The most valuable pieces are handcrafted, and there's a good reason for that. The quality of being handmade by an expert and artist can't be rivaled by mass-produced jewelry.

Handcrafted Jewelry vs. Cast Jewelry

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Many people don't realize there's a big difference between handcrafted and cast jewelry.

Handcrafted jewelry is made by an individual, by hand, while cast jewelry is made using a mold so the product can be mass-produced at a lower price. There are multiple ways that cast jewelry can be created, but it typically involves a wax and metal mold.

This distinction means that handcrafted jewelry is generally more expensive, but that's because of the time and work that goes into these pieces. You can clearly see that difference in the finished work! Handcrafted jewelry is more durable and unique. Besides, by buying handmade jewelry, you will also support local artists.

The Benefits of High-Quality, Handcrafted Jewelry

Generally speaking, handcrafted jewelry is almost 50% harder than cast jewelry. That means it is less likely to get scratched or bent from everyday wear. Quality handmade pieces will always come out on top if you measure by jewelry durability. Cast jewelry tends to have problems with porosity or air bubbles in the metal. The porosity can cause damage to the piece and make it brittle. Handcrafted jewelry does not have this problem because of how it's made.

And, with handcrafted jewelry, more intricate and delicate designs are possible than with bulky cast jewelry. As a result, these pieces will be more unique and exciting than mass-produced work. And the finished product will reflect the quality. So, in the end, you will have a piece of jewelry of the highest possible quality and best-finished look.

Each handcrafted piece was made by hand and so is unique. Each detail is deliberate and takes significant time and skill. This gives each piece its own story and value. Even two similar pieces will have slight differences that set them apart. And each artist has their own style and process. So whether you buy an already finished piece or have custom jewelry designed for you, that piece will be unlike any other.

If you buy locally, you become a part of something bigger. You're then supporting local artists and the local economy. You'll also allow artists to pass their knowledge along for the future. And many artists try their best to buy locally sourced and sustainable materials, so you know where they came from. So when investing in this jewelry, you'll know who you are supporting.

This is why investing in handcrafted jewelry is such a good idea. Not only is it an excellent financial investment, but it's helping to support others around you. Investing in jewelry is a great idea because the value of gold and rare gemstones will never go down, and jewelry will never go out of style. Small items like jewelry are also easy to store and move with you if needed.

How to Identify High-Quality, Handcrafted Jewelry

There are a few ways to identify high-quality handcrafted jewelry. First, you'll want to look for quality materials and craftsmanship. You can find all sorts of information about high-quality jewelry from a certification of authenticity.

This document will come with a report or certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or another highly regarded institute, which will verify the stone's authenticity. If you decide to buy jewelry from someone selling theirs, be sure to take it to a jeweler to have it checked out.

A piece may look authentic or high quality to most people, but a professional can tell you what the piece is made of and its exact value. For example, the value of diamonds varies based on several subtle factors that only a professional can identify. So feel free to take jewelry in and have it looked at by a professional.

Finding a Reputable Jeweler

There are several factors to consider when searching for a local jeweler. First, you must consider their reputation, how they deal with clients, their ratings, and their qualifications.

The first step you can take is to ask friends and family members where they bought their jewelry. They may have some great recommendations for friendly and professional jewelers. They might warn you away from someone unwilling to work within a budget or specific style, pushing their client to change their design.

Getting personal recommendations will help weed out jewelers you may not connect with well or who don't work with your chosen style. It will also help you understand the price ranges and how each jeweler works with customers to stay within a budget. You can also see the finished product and check out the quality yourself.

After personal recommendations, you can look at online reviews and ratings. This will give you even more perspectives on how the jewelers work with customers and other people's experiences.

Once you have a few jewelers in mind, check out their certifications and accreditations. This will tell you all about their experience and qualifications. For example, a GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) or a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) is more than qualified to craft some fantastic high-quality jewelry and will be able to explain the process and pricing to you.

And last but not least, when you talk to jewelers, have great questions ready:

  • Do they make your favorite style?

  • What style is their specialty?

  • Do they do customizations?

Be prepared to ask many questions and ensure this is the right jeweler for you.

Researching and finding the best jeweler for you is essential in investing in some quality jewelry and will ensure you get authentic pieces. This isn't a process that needs to be rushed. Take some time and find the perfect piece you will treasure forever.

Custom Jewelry from Carats and Stones

Now that you know a little more about high-quality, handcrafted jewelry, you'll have a better idea of what to buy and why it's important. Remember, cast jewelry may be cheaper and easier to find, but the quality and craftsmanship will never beat that of handcrafted pieces. Handcrafted jewelry helps you support local artisans and businesses while helping you get unique pieces with the best possible quality.

If you have difficulty deciding on the handcrafted, custom jewelry item, don’t hesitate to contact a professional! Our founder, Linda Kha, has trained in traditional goldsmithing techniques and has over forty years of experience creating custom jewelry for every occasion.

Our expert jewelers can help you pick out the perfect piece or help you get started on a custom order. You can shop in-store in our bay area store or book online to get your appointment started!


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