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The Ultimate Guide to Two Year Anniversary Gifts

By now, you know that the traditional 1st-year anniversary gift is paper. You and your spouse might have taken that luxurious second honeymoon, or maybe you spent it quietly at home. Either way, you made it to your second anniversary, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts!

In this ultimate guide to two-year anniversary gift options, we provide an overview of the most traditional gifts, as well as modern ideas. Get ready for some fun ideas!

The Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift

The Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift

The traditional 2nd-anniversary gift is cotton. While cotton might seem like a strange two-year anniversary gift, the cotton material has long represented resilience, comfort, strength, and tradition.

So why cotton? Imagine each moment spent with your spouse is an individual thread. Each moment, each thread, has been woven together to create the tapestry that is your union. You can think of a shirt that is not yet done but remains on the giant loom in the corner, just waiting to be finished. Since marriage shouldn’t be stagnant but ever-growing and changing, so is the cotton shirt. Maybe it becomes a blanket instead or a long table runner that grows as you add members to your family.

One of your goals if you want to choose the perfect traditional anniversary gifts is to make sure all of your gifts are thoughtful. Since not everyone is a fan of cotton clothing, you have to expand your ideas of what cotton items your spouse would enjoy and use.

Finding cotton anniversary gift ideas is easier than you might think!

Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Gentleman, finding cotton anniversary gift ideas might seem daunting, but there are so many items made of cotton nowadays! Here are a few ideas for finding that perfect cotton gift:

Cotton Pajamas: Many of her favorite brands will have luxurious full cotton or cotton blends that she will love. Many husbands think that giving pajamas is “taking the easy way out” and can be “lame.” That’s hardly the case! Giving the gift of comfortable pajamas when your wife is busy with everything that life throws at her is a thoughtful gift. Giving pajamas as a two-year anniversary gift also sets the tone for the rest of your marriage: your wife’s comfort is all you think about!

Macrame Anything: Not all husbands will know what macrame is, but a simple Google search will help you with a world full of ideas! For the craftier brides, you could get her a macrame kit, where she can make her own potted plant holder or wall hanging. Alternatively, buying these items from a local artist is just as thoughtful. Either way, she would appreciate the gesture, especially of the research that goes into it!

Canvas Paintings or Portraits: Many couples will get their pets or family transferred from a photo to canvas to celebrate special occasions. For some, this would probably be a better collaborative gift, since she might have specific tastes around her art. For others, surprising her with a new canvas painting of a moment from your wedding would be a sweet gift! As 2-year anniversary gifts go, this one might not be the most cost-effective, so save up accordingly!

Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

Ladies, every man needs some cotton in his life! In fact, many men say that they prefer cotton socks, shoes, and underwear as wardrobe staples. Here are a few ideas that go even beyond those staples since you might have contributed to his newer wardrobe only a few months ago during Christmas.

Cotton Pajamas: Most men aren’t going to be picky about their brands, but consider gifting them with luxury cotton pajamas! These sets can be warm and comfortable, perfect for staying in for snowy climates or for helping your man sleep in warmer ones. When looking for the perfect pair of cotton pajamas for him, it's important that you consider the style first and foremost: men tend to run hotter than women, so perhaps long pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt aren’t the best picks. You also might want to potentially choose a cotton blend that is super soft, durable, and antimicrobial.

Cotton Shirts: Every man needs several cotton undershirts. You can make them fun with your man’s favorite designs (think all of those Star Wars or Star Trek shirts you have seen him wear) or introduce him to something brand new. You can also add to those socks and underwear you already got him with white or black cotton undershirts for work. Since most undershirts are going to be a cotton blend, make sure to do your research on the best options for your man’s unique work situation. You might want more or less cotton, depending on their work environment, how varying the temperature is, etc.

Cotton Bedsheets: This option isn’t terribly exciting but think about gifting your man with a great night’s sleep. Save up and splurge on those Egyptian cotton bedsheets that you both have been wanting, but just haven’t made the commitment to buy.

Cotton Satchel: A cotton or canvas messenger bag (also known as a satchel) is a great style piece, but also very functional. Many brands produce sturdy bags that men (and women) can use on their commutes or for traveling.

Modern Anniversary Gifts

China Is One Of The Most Popular Modern Anniversary Gifts

Cotton gifts aren’t for everyone, especially if your loved one has a cotton allergy! If they are allergic, or simply don't like the feel of cotton items, there are alternatives. Modern anniversary gifts for your special two years together include a number of items. We will talk just about one of these gifts.

Believe it or not, fine China is actually one of the most bought modern anniversary gifts. And this doesn’t have to be fine china that your grandmother’s used either! Most people think that china means older floral patterns that end up just sitting in a block-style curio cabinet. If that’s what your wife or husband likes, go for it! There are tons of pieces that can be found in antique stores, like delicate English bone china teacups and saucers.

But, fine china as an anniversary gift can be brand new: consider a piece that is functional and demonstrates your commitment to each other. Get a serving platter that has your initials and favorite quote engraved on it. Or, have more modern drinkware options, like mugs, created through your favorite artisan. There are many websites, like Etsy, where you can find something perfect for your budget and style.

Don’t Forget the Garnet Jewelry

Garnet Jewelry Is Great For Any Type Of Gift Of Anniversary

We of course would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the garnet.

The 2nd-anniversary modern gift might be fine china, but the stone, regardless of modern versus traditional, is the dark red gemstone that we all know and love.

Garnets are known as a passionate representation of love, friendship, and intimacy. By the second year, many couples are still in that honeymoon phase where intimacy is still fun, and their experiences could be brand new. Since garnets are said to boost intimacy, some more adventurous couples might find a place or two for some garnet jewelry!

Create a Custom Two-Year Anniversary Gift

Create a Custom Two-Year Anniversary Gift

We hope you enjoyed this ultimate walkthrough of two-year anniversary gift ideas!

We also hope that, if cotton isn’t the right gift for your significant other, you consider taking a tour of our gallery, either in-person or virtually. Our brand new Summer Colors Collection features pieces that reflect nature’s brilliance in stunning colors. We know that one of our rings, pendants, necklaces, or bracelets would be the ultimate surprise for your loved one.


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