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The Wedding Anniversary - What They Are And Why We Celebrate Them

Weddings are a celebration of the love and commitment of two people. Each wedding is a unique and special occasion that will live in a couple's memory forever.

But what about anniversaries? Should they get the same level of attention as a wedding?

The answer is yes, of course!

We’re going to explore some of the traditions around anniversaries and some classic gift ideas.

What is a Wedding Anniversary and Why do We Celebrate Them?

A wedding anniversary reminds you of your wedding and is one of the most memorable days in any couple's journey together. Every anniversary can be a reminder of why you are together, how your relationship has grown and changed, and what the future might hold.

Typically, people focus on the five-year milestones. Most of the time, they use it as a chance to reconnect with each other and celebrate their love.

It is widely believed that the first instances of wedding anniversaries being celebrated were in middle-aged Germany. Husbands would present their wives with silver wreaths at twenty-five years and golden wreaths at fifty years together. The wreath symbolized commitment, wholeness, and unity.

New traditions have grown around wedding anniversaries over the years, and now there are traditional themes for each year. Couples try to match their gifts to each year’s themes. This idea not only adds extra layers of meaning to gifts but can also make the practice of gift-giving more fun.

How Should You Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary?

Choosing to celebrate a wedding anniversary is up to every couple and can be almost as important as your wedding!

You should celebrate your anniversary in whatever way makes sense to you as a couple.

Some people love to throw a huge party and invite family and friends, and some people like to have a small private moment with their partner. There is no wrong way to celebrate your anniversary as long as you remember why you’re doing it.

This event should remind you and your partner why you fell in love in the first place and why you want to stay together. That can mean throwing a party or having a quiet dinner alone. This day is for you and your partner to celebrate however fits you.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

According to tradition, you both receive a unique gift theme for the anniversary every year you stay together as a married couple. There are traditional themes and also more modern spins on them. Here's a look at traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year.

Some gifts have been updated to more modern alternatives, but some are timeless and have stayed the same year after year.

We’re going to focus on wedding anniversary by year, noting the traditional and modern gifts every five years. These are the most celebrated wedding anniversaries!

5 Year Anniversary

The five-year mark means that a couple made it through the first stretch. The traditional gift is wood, and the more modern gift is silverware. Wood symbolizes strength and setting down roots. Many creative gift ideas involve wood, from picture frames to hanging signs. Couples can also get a nice silverware set to show that they are building a home together.

10 Year Anniversary

The traditional gift for the tenth anniversary is tin, with the diamond as the modern alternative. Tin is used to preserve things and make them last longer and can also be used to coat other metals so that they do not rust. Tin symbolizes the strength of your marriage, and a tin gift can reflect that.

Like with wood, there are a lot of thoughtful and fun gift ideas out there for tin. These can be decorative or can be incorporated into jewelry. The modern gift, a diamond, can easily be used for beautiful and timeless jewelry items as an anniversary gift for her.

15 Year Anniversary

Crystal is the traditional gift for year fifteen, and a watch is the modern spin. Crystal shows the clarity in a relationship after fifteen years. The two gift themes are fun because they can easily both be used. A nice watch with a crystal face fulfills both traditional and modern gifts.

20 Year Anniversary

China is the traditional gift for the twentieth year anniversary, while platinum is the modern version. China may be fragile but will last for a lifetime if properly cared for. This reminds couples to take care of their partners and their relationship. Sets of china dishes are an excellent idea for this gift.

They can last for a long time and even be passed down in the family for generations. And if you want to go the more modern route, platinum jewelry can make a good gift for either person in the couple. Platinum is seen in necklaces and earrings, but also in rings. A matching ring set could be the perfect anniversary gift for him and her.

25 Year Anniversary

Silver is so timeless that it is the traditional and modern gift for the twenty-fifth year mark. When taken care of properly, it will continue to shine for years. Silver can be used in many different brilliant gifts, from necklaces, to cufflinks, to keepsake boxes.

30 Year Anniversary

Pearl is the traditional gift for the thirtieth-year anniversary and represents hidden beauty. After thirty years together, your lives will look completely different than when you first got married, but the same spark that brought you together is still there. Diamond is the modern gift, and both of these gift themes can be used for some genuinely stunning jewelry pieces.

35 Year Anniversary

Coral is the theme for the thirty-fifth anniversary, while jade is the modern alternative. Coral is a precious substance and is protected, so your gift should be inspired by coral and its beauty. This could mean a decorative item or a trip to go scuba diving and see the real thing. Jade makes a great modern gift because you can give the real thing instead of just a symbol. This beautiful gem can be worked into a beautiful ring or necklace for her.

40 Year Anniversary

Ruby has been the traditional and modern gift for forty years and is known for its deep red color. The color red often symbolizes love, making it an excellent gift for a couple who are still deeply in love with each other after forty years together.

45 Year Anniversary

The traditional and modern gift for the forty-five-year mark is a sapphire. These gems were once coveted by royalty and so make the perfect gift for a long-lasting marriage. The beautiful blue color stands out no matter how you use it.

50 Year Anniversary

Gold is the traditional and modern gift for the 50th anniversary. Gold is known as one of the most precious metals and symbolizes prosperity and strength. Using gold for your gift will make it timeless and beautiful.

Find the Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift

Although traditional gifts are fun to find for your significant other, most modern anniversary gifts by year are actually jewelry. That means more opportunities for window shopping and your spouse picking out their favorites!

Let us help you and your spouse find that perfect gift for each other! We have experience with all of the materials, stones, and styles you could want!

Book a time to visit our San Francisco shop or do a consultation online.


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