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Tips For Buying The Perfect Promise Ring

As we start the New Year, many couples are evaluating their relationships. For couples that have been together for some time, they might be looking at engagement rings. For others, they are getting ready for those winter wonderland weddings and are picking out matching wedding rings.

But what about couples who aren’t quite ready for either option? What if a couple wants to commit to each other but isn’t sure how the best way to make one to each other is? Or what kind of commitment to actually make?

That’s where a promise ring can come in.

What is a Promise Ring?

Not everyone has heard of a promise ring since an engagement ring is much more common to most couples. So, what is a promise ring?

It’s a sign of loyalty, love, and commitment.

Promise rings represent just that: a promise to take the next step to get engaged. It’s one step up from dating since you are promising to make a more significant commitment to each other. But it's not as “for sure” as an engagement ring, which is the ultimate symbol of “taking the next step.”

For some couples, the promise ring can be considered the most incredible commitment. Not all young people nowadays believe in getting married, whether because of a high divorce rate or a previous failed marriage. So, they will use a promise ring to signify their commitment to each other since they might not be getting married.

Whether the promise ring is another step towards marriage or the ultimate commitment, there are several aspects of choosing a promise ring you should know.

Tips for Buying a Promise Ring

Choosing a promise ring for her or him isn’t much different from an engagement ring, with a couple of significant caveats.

Choose a Finger Traditionally, a promise ring is worn on the same finger as an engagement ring. However, it doesn’t have to be! Promise rings are more flexible and can really be worn on any finger. (It can also be worn around the neck, so think about that idea as well!). The key to this, however, is once you choose a finger for the ring, you have to know the ring size!

Know Your Partner’s Ring Size Obviously, if you buy any kind of ring, you need to know your partner’s size! You can find this out in a few creative ways: find a ring they already wear and size that, buy a ring sizer and measure their fingers, or simply ask them!

Decide On a Metal and Stone Once you know the ring size, it's time to decide on a metal and a stone. Silver is a popular choice, and you can’t go wrong with a single diamond. But it’s helpful here to learn about your partner’s preferences since getting a gold diamond ring might not be the right one for your significant other. Perhaps they would like silver better! And although diamonds are popular, you might want to consider another stone since diamonds could send the wrong message.

Make Sure the Promise Ring Doesn’t Look Like an Engagement Ring This step is pretty important: you want the promise ring you choose to be special, but it's not an engagement ring. If you select an engagement-looking ring, you might send the message you are ready for a greater commitment than you were initially going for. For example, a diamond solitaire could be a promise or engagement ring, but it's traditionally used as an engagement ring. To avoid this, talk to your jeweler about options, that way, you aren’t mixing up the two styles. Promise rings for her are a lot easier to buy, we promise!

Choose a Ring Setting

One way to avoid your promise ring looking like an engagement ring is to choose a specific ring setting. For example, many promise rings feature hearts or Celtic knots, differentiating them from engagement rings. But, you can personalize the ring setting as much as you want: perhaps your loved one would appreciate a three-stone ring or two different stones next to each other. A ring setting is just as important as the metal and stone, so don’t skip this step.

Remember, a promise ring can be as simple or elaborate as the buyer wants. Keep these tips in mind when you are considering buying one!

Don’t Forget About Him: Promise Rings for Men

Although promise rings are traditionally bought by the man for the woman, feel free to break all traditions, ladies!

There are many men who would appreciate being given a promise ring. Some would even enjoy matching promise rings! What kind of promise ring to get him is really up to his preferences: does he like gold or silver? Does he want something simple or something a bit more elaborate? These are all questions to consider!

Carats & Stones has a large selection of rings that would be perfect promise rings for men in the San Fransico area.

Finest Craftsmanship for Your Ring

“I don’t design for myself; I design for the person who will be wearing it. I believe your jewelry should reflect who you are, your values, and your lifestyle.” - Linda Kha, Owner of Carats and Stones.

Carats & Stones offers the finest craftsmanship for our customers. We can create promise rings as well as that all-important unique engagement ring. We use only the highest quality gemstones, metals, and the best creative process in California.

Our owner, Linda, has been creating unique rings for over forty years. She is knowledgeable in traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques, which means she can make virtually anything you can imagine! You never have to worry about finding something that suits your significant other in our store because if we don’t have it, we can surely make it!

The Perfect Promise Ring from Carats & Stones

Whether you are looking for the latest promise ring trends or want to create something unique, we have got you covered! You can stop by our showroom at 1833 Union St in San Francisco to see our ready-made pieces or set up an appointment for an in-person or virtual consultation! Set up an appointment today.


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