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Wedding Bands for the Modern Couple: Trends and Inspiration

Historians can trace the first exchange of wedding bands to 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt. These first rings were made of hemp or reeds. This tradition symbolizes love and commitment and has come a long way over the years. As you shop for wedding rings and look for inspiration all around you, remember that you are a part of history by continuing this long-standing tradition.

The choices for wedding rings are almost endless now. There are so many combinations between the materials and styles to create the perfect look. Classic diamond rings will always be in style, but you should only limit yourself to the classics if you want to. Remember that this ring is supposed to represent the love you and your partner have for each other while also matching your personal style and preferences.

A floral wedding band may be perfect for one person, and a baguette wedding band may be right for another person. Ultimately, choosing a wedding band comes down to personal taste and style.

Diamonds Are Common Wedding Band Materials and Found In Numerous Styles

Common Wedding Band Materials and Styles

There are so many different band materials, gemstones, and styles to choose from for wedding rings. There are more traditional band materials, including gold, palladium, and platinum. There are also alternative metals, such as titanium and tungsten carbide. As far as gemstones, you can choose from the four precious gemstones:

● Diamond

● Sapphire

● Ruby

● Emerald

Or you can pick from many semi-precious gemstones including, but not limited to:

● Pearl

● Aquamarine

● Quartz

● Amethysts

● Turquoise

The style and materials you settle on depend on your personal preference, style, budget, and lifestyle. For example, if you are active and spend much time outdoors, a delicate ring with a large, softer stone may not be suitable for everyday wear. But research and inspiration should lead you to the perfect rings for you and your fiance.

For some inspiration, we've gathered up a few styles perfect for the modern couple.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamonds are timeless and will always be an excellent choice for wedding rings. Whether you want thick diamond wedding bands or thin and intricate bands with a small center diamond, you have options. Diamonds can be used in all different styles of wedding rings and will hold up to everyday wear and tear.

Beaded Wedding Rings

Beaded rings can add a unique twist to any ring by adding a level of intricacy. Beaded rings can be encrusted with small stones or have small beads made from the band's metal.

These are usually evenly spaced and give the ring a sophisticated look. These small additions add beautiful and subtle detail to a ring and help to emphasize the center stone.

Scattered Stone Bands

Scattered stone bands are a similar style to beaded wedding bands. But these rings usually have multiple gemstones or diamonds set in irregular patterns around the band. This allows the smaller stones to support the center stone without overpowering it. The irregular setting of the smaller stones gives the ring a unique sculptural look.

This band style works with different types of metal and stones and can give simple gemstone wedding bands a little more character.

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Art Deco Wedding Bands

Art Deco bands can come in all kinds of exciting colors and shapes. These rings are as unique as you. It's common to see art deco bands with geometric or baguette-cut stones. These bands can look classic or modern.

This style can be used for men's or women's rings. For example, an art deco men's wedding ring could add a twist to the traditional men's wedding band. Or an obsidian wedding band with engraving could be the perfect deviation from the more traditional plain men's band.

Even a stylish baguette wedding band would make a great art deco statement ring. The sky's the limit with this one. These designs might be odd or colorful, but they'll make you look and feel amazing.

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are a fun trend that allows you to stack multiple rings on one finger. The rings are often designed to stack nicely or even nest together. An engagement ring, wedding ring, and even eternity rings are often stacked together to create a single look. Different types of metal can even be used if the design brings the whole look together. For example, stacking a rose gold engagement ring with a white gold wedding ring and a yellow gold eternity ring could create a complementary style to bring all the rings together for one beautiful piece.

Or consider a small floral wedding band with intricate engravings nesting beautifully with a thinker band and a larger center stone. It's all about balance and finding what feels right and looks great.

Themed Wedding Bands

While wedding rings are a serious business, there's no reason you and your fiance can't have a little fun with them. So many couples want to remember their love for each other and something they share. This could be your favorite book, movie, or place. Honestly, it could be anything that brings the two of you together.

Themed rings can look beautiful and classy while giving the nod to the place of your first date or a TV show you both love. An inspired ring can be custom-made to represent whatever brings the two of you together.

Couples' Rings

The same idea applies to couples' rings. These rings are a fun way to show your love for each other. Marching rings could be made of the same material, follow the same design, or complement each other.

For example, you could design two opal rings to work together as a set, with the men's opal wedding band being thicker and the woman's ring being thinner and more intricate.

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Heirloom Wedding Bands

The great thing about heirloom wedding bands is they are always fashionable. A ring passed down from your grandmother holds a special significance. When you wear this ring, it will remind you of your past, present, and future.

And while the style may differ from what you're looking for, a good jeweler can always modify high-quality wedding rings to a new size. The gemstone could even be moved to a new band, or the band saved and a new gemstone added. Old pieces can be made new again with little creativity and love.

Wedding Bands For the Modern Couple

If you need help determining what kind of wedding bands will be right for you and your fiancé, look for inspiration from all around you. Consider both of your personal styles and how you want to wear your ring. You can stack your wedding ring with your engagement ring or other rings representing significant events.

Couples can also custom-make themed or matching rings. You could go with an art deco-style ring and add more color and movement to your piece. Or maybe you want to go with a classic style or rework a family heirloom.

There are no wrong answers here. This is your wedding band, and it should fit with your style and personality. If you need any help with your new wedding bands, book online for an appointment with one of our experts to get started today!

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