Unique Metals Used for Gay Male Engagement Rings

Unique Metals Used for Gay Male Engagement Rings

When we look at gay male engagement rings that speak to more individual emotions and expressions, the field of choices are widening because of the newer markets that busted onto the scene after the Supreme Court edict and voter opinion polls on same-sex marriage emerged.

All past tense now, however; there are betrothals to be made and ring makers actually have some catch-up to do in terms of targeting the LGBT market.

So, without belaboring the pursuit of the perfect man’s engagement ring, let’s looks at some options.

So, where do we start?

First, know that not all that expressions of love are made of gold. Want to express a unique love starting from the very base of a ring? Want to give your man something that can’t be regarded as a “ho-hum, I’ve-seen-this-before” emblem of so many promises? Then let’s explore the different composites for gay male engagement rings as well as the pros and cons that accompany them, shall we?


Want a metal that can withstand the most raging fire in your partner’s heart? It just so happens that tungsten’s melting point of 3410 degrees Celsius tips the top of the scale as rings go. If you still need to temper your love’s flame a bit—say in your favorite restaurant or night spot—just tell him the ring is made from a chemical element with an atomic number of 74. This should sound cold enough to dowse the fire and save it for a more private surrounding.

Tungsten pros—highly resistant to abrasions; harder than gold or silver tenfold and almost as much compared to platinum; twice as hard as steel; color options include gray, black and white; easily customized for fit; hypoallergenic; right price for younger couples.

Tungsten cons—forget resizing; not entirely fracture resistant; if you manage to scratch it, it cannot be re-polished.

Want another fun fact before putting your money on Tungsten? Also, know that black and white tungsten is not quite as abrasion resistant as gray due to the white or black coating.


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Need a little more magnetism when you pop the question? Try this hard, silvery white, magnetic metal—atomic No. 27 now that we started the brainiac talk. Who knows? A display of some scientific knowledge might add to your magnetism. An alloy of copper and nickel ore, cobalt emanates a bluish color in its natural state (think of lolling with your love beneath a cobalt sky).

Cobalt pros: Shatterproof; higher scratch resistance than precious metal; can be polished if scarred; emulates the more expensive gold or platinum; can be easily tailored to fit; hypoallergenic; easy on budget.

Cobalt cons: Cannot be resized.