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How to Choose the Perfect Jeweler for Your Dream Piece

Shopping for quality jewelry can be tricky. It takes a lot of time and effort, and so many options are available that it's easy to get overwhelmed. It gets tricky when you consider the quality of the materials and the work that goes into each piece. You want a jeweler you can trust, but how do you know what jeweler to go to? There's no shortage of jewelry stores, and they'll all tell you they're the best. But there are several steps you can take to narrow down the options and find the jeweler that's right for you

A great jeweler will have the education to back up their business and show they're trustworthy. They'll be transparent in where they source their materials and how they price items. They'll also help you choose a piece that fits your life and budget, not push you into buying something that's outside your price range or doesn't fit your style.

Know Your Taste and Style

The first step you should take is to get an understanding of what you want in a piece of jewelry. Since some jewelers specialize in specific styles, it's essential to start your search by looking at jewelers who make jewelry in the style you want.   

If you don't know exactly what you want, that's ok. Take a look at your current collection and consider which ones you wear the most often and which are your favorite. It can also be helpful to browse jewelry sites or sites like Pinterest and consider what type of jewelry you're drawn to.

Consider what styles and colors you like and what styles go with your typical outfits. You should also consider how durable you need a piece to be. Are you looking for a necklace that you will only wear for special occasions or that needs to hold up to everyday wear? Because the durability of a piece will affect the choice of style and materials.

One of the hallmarks of working with a jeweler like Linda Kha, owner of Carats and Stones, is that she can help you with your taste and style! Linda only offers honest advice to all of her new or existing customers: it’s why four generations of families use her exclusively to design their jewelry. 

Do Your Research

Once you know what kind of jewelry you want, it's time to start researching jewelers. Find a few that make jewelry in your desired style and dive in. The first thing to look for is credentials. Certifications and diplomas will show that a jeweler has worked to learn their craft. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a great one to look out for as it's an international gem school. 

The next thing to do is to ask around and figure out the reputation of different jewelers. Ask your friends and family where they go for their jewelry and what experience they had. Many people get their recommendations from families, or maybe your family already has a jeweler that they use! 

At this point, it can also help to gain a basic understanding of the materials and work that goes into making jewelry so that you know what to look for and what questions to ask. This can help you understand the language on a jeweler's website. It will also help in the next few steps when you look at reviews and speak to the jeweler in person. Make sure to review the jeweler’s bio before consulting with them.

Look at Reviews

Checking out online reviews will give you an objective look at other people's experiences with each jeweler. This can help you gauge how each jeweler runs their business, the overall satisfaction with their products, and how well they communicate with customers.

Try to look at all the reviews for a jeweler as a whole, and don't dwell on a few bad ones. Consider the average experience people have when they visit the store and how satisfied they seem with the experience and the final product.  

Having a hard time finding reviews online? The next best activity to do is actually call the jeweler and ask them! This is a great way to get some face to face interaction with them or their staff. 

Speak to the Jeweler

Once you pick a jeweler, contact them and schedule a consultation. Having a conversation with them can help you decide if they are the right fit for you and your jewelry needs. During the consultation, you can ask them about their business and what services they offer. These services might include customizations, aftercare, warranties, and payment plans. Make sure that the jeweler you choose provides the options that you need. Don't compromise on the things that are important to you.

You can also inquire about the credentials of specific stones or pieces. Transparency about a gemstone's origin and quality is essential to shopping ethically and sustainably. An independent lab report for the gemstones will give you all the details you need about a specific stone and can help you decide if it's right for you.

Transparency is essential to Carats and Stone’s business practices: we want all customers to feel they are getting everything they want out of their new piece.

Understand Pricing

The goal here isn’t that you know the price or value of a piece; that’s for the jeweler to know. But as a consumer wanting the best product possible, it pays to research beforehand. There are so many different options for jewelry, it helps if you find a jeweler who can do many different styles: repurposing, re-creating heirloom jewelry, or custom design work are a few of these options. 

For example, when it comes to our pricing, a customer can expect to start with a minimum of $2,800 - $3,000 for a repurposed heirloom piece that we are repurposing. The price will go up or down, depending on several factors. Our staff will ensure you know exactly what you are paying for in terms of design, staff time, and materials upfront.

Consider Carats and Stones

For those in the market for a new jeweler, consider the House of Carats and Stones. Our forty years of experience in the fine jewelry business has almost four generations of families coming back to us again and again. 

Whether you're looking for diamonds, colored gemstones, or simply gold necklaces, we've got you covered. Our collection can fit any budget or occasion, and we have something special for each person on your list. We'll help you set a budget, narrow down the style you want, and even settle on the best materials for you.

Our newest shopping appointments will make your experience even more special! Choose from forty-five to 120-minute appointments where Carats and Stones provide our jewelry experts (Linda herself is an option!) for consultations and try-on sessions, a High-Tea or Charcuterie experience, bring a friend, and much more.

Get Started Today

It’s time to start with Linda and the team to create your unique piece!  Simply book an appointment and pay the $250 nonrefundable deposit to get started. This deposit will be credited towards the cost of your project; don’t worry! 

Or, stop in today or check out our collection online to find the perfect gift. 

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