Custom Jewelry Doesn’t Need to Empty Your Pocketbook

Custom Jewelry Doesn’t Need to Empty Your Pocketbook

Do just the mere words, “carats and stones,” cause your hands to instantly tremble? Let’s be clear. We’re not talking about the hands of the anticipating recipient; we are talking about the person doling out the big bucks to purchase a piece of custom jewelry.

If the quest to impress and captivate your lover for life sends you into such a frenzy that you’re running stop lights on the way to the jeweler or stepping onto a descending escalator at the mall, then you need some words of comfort. The first words are: You need not act like you are buying a house or Lamborghini. Not even close!

Even carats and stones can offer ways of curbing costs while imbuing your paramour with the kind of glow only rendered by custom jewelry—affordable custom jewelry, nonetheless. Sure, you can certainly shoot for the stars when it comes to price, if you and your lover care only about the bling and bang of your stone. But many couples want to keep an eye on future expenses inherent to living together as well. This is where knowledge of getting the most bang for your buck comes into play.

In this effort, simply follow a few of our ensuing “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to deciding on the number of carats, size, or cuts of stones, and you’ll be golden!

DO Work with a Custom Jeweler

Custom Jeweler San Francisco- Carats & Stones

The word, “custom,” understandably sends a shot of apprehension through your pocketbook’s veins. However, working with a custom jeweler can actually save you money on what you might call the “raw materials” of your unique expression of love.

How you ask? A custom jeweler deals with budgets all the time. All they need to know is the amount (or range) you’re seeking to spend. You can rest at somewhere around $2,000 to $3,000 or you can set your budget at $8,000 and above. You and your mate’s desires will be the designators; no one else.

As for the components of your ring or other masterpieces of jewelry, a custom jeweler will offer ways you can cut costs—as in the cut of a stone (i.e., diamond) or its carat weight. Did you know that just by buying a 1.8 carat diamond you can save considerable bucks compared to notching a 2-carat stone? Your custom jeweler does. Furthermore, when you see the prototype from your jeweler, you will most likely not even notice the difference in mass. Money well saved already!

Furthermore, don’t forget that custom jewelers will not flinch at customizing an existing heirloom piece with stones. You can save some money and still come up with a unique design that will speak to your lover’s heart by incorporating a family heirloom in your design.

Even the presentation of said diamonds can result in savings without compromising the beauty and expression of a piece. Custom jewelers know this as well as anyone.

DON’T Fly Solo into the Arena

As Bette Midler once opined in song, “You’ve got to have friends . . .” This proves true along your journey for carats and stones. According to an article in Vogue, 90 percent of the time, the heartthrob in your life stores an image of the stone and ring in his or her head and, moreover, has shared this vision with a close friend or family member.