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50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts into the Golden Years

April 19, 2018



You've come a long way since that walk down the aisle. Celebrate in style with fiftieth anniversary traditions and gift ideas they'll never forget.  



Fifty Year Wedding Anniversary Traditions

It's not every day that you celebrate fifty years of marriage. It's not every couple, either. If you're among the lucky couples to be celebrating 50 years of marriage with the person you love, you're in a small and envied club, and you definitely deserve to celebrate your marriage with the partner who's been by your side every step of the way.

Whether you're planning a blow out bash, a small family gathering, or a quiet evening at home, you won't have to look beyond this guide to find everything you need for a fiftieth wedding anniversary you'll never forget.


The Golden Anniversary   


You've no doubt heard the fifty year wedding anniversary referred to as the Gold or Golden Anniversary. While the name is well known, the reason behind the name may not be quite as apparent.


Why is it called the Golden Anniversary?



The tradition of exchanging gifts of gold for fifty year anniversary celebrations can be traced back to the Medieval custom of husbands crowning their wives with golden wreaths upon the celebration of their fiftieth year of marriage. This custom and others form the foundation for the traditional wedding gifts that are still observed today.


In 1937, a list of contemporary readymade gifts began to circulate in tandem with the traditional list, offering couples a choice between materials. For many of the milestone anniversaries, however, these lists agree on the material. The 50 year, or Golden, Anniversary is one such celebration.


Celebrating your Silver, Platinum, Diamond, or another anniversary? Get our ULTIMATE Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts, for the complete list of traditional and contemporary gifts for every year.  


Gifts of Gold: Golden Anniversary Gift Ideas   


If you're like most people, you probably think of jewelry when you think of gold anniversary presents. Gold's versatility allows couples to exchange anniversary gifts that range from classic to utterly original designs that are in a class by themselves. We've put together some ideas below to help inspire you with a fresh approach to gold anniversary jewelry.   


Shop Golden Anniversary Gifts for Her


This hand-engraved filigree diamond anniversary band in 18 kt white gold stuns with three-dimensional design for all-angle shimmer.



66 round diamonds dance around the finger in this intricate bezel and pave set diamond eternity band in 18kt white gold.



Nearly 1.5 ct of round and double emerald cut diamonds delicately embraced by 18kt yellow gold in this classic eternity band.



14kt yellow gold weaves around the wrist and displays over one-half carat of diamonds in this adjustable bangle bracelet.