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A Small Guide to Holiday Jewelry Gift Giving

December 25th is just around the corner! Have you bought your loved ones that jewelry gift they have always wanted?

We know that the jewelry gift selections are numerous and potentially confusing! Especially if you aren't well versed in purchasing jewelry for that special someone.

Keep reading for a small guide to all your holiday gift ideas!

How Do I Know the Right Jewelry Gift?

Finding The Perfect Gift Is Never Easy But Can Be Made Easier If You Know What To Look For | Carats and Stones
Finding The Perfect Gift Is Never Easy

Although not terribly subtle, one of the best ways to know what kind of jewelry to buy is to ask! Many spouses who have been together for years will simply ask for a specific type and piece of jewelry. Others will drop hints about the kind of jewelry they might be interested in.

If you don't want to ask directly, ask for a Christmas list! See what kinds of things your significant other writes down, and ask for clarification on something if they list items like "necklace" or "earrings."

Perhaps none of those are options. One way to find out your significant other or family member's preferences is to turn to social media. Many spouses, family members, and even friends routinely save examples of the jewelry that they want to their various social media sites. This is a great place to start if you aren't sure the exact jewelry type to get them.

All About Necklaces

Necklaces Are Classic Jewelry Gifts That Can Fit Any Occasion | Carats and Stones
Necklaces Are Classic Jewelry Gifts That Can Fit Any Occasion

Necklaces are foundational to creating a polished look, or one-piece among many of an entire jewelry ensemble. Necklaces are typically two parts: the chain and the pendant. Each piece can be sold separately, but it's always easier on the shopper to buy both together since each part complements the other. The other kind of necklace you can buy is the one-piece, where the chain and pendant are fused together and sold as one unit.

One of the most straightforward and meaningful necklaces you can purchase this holiday season is the gold name plate necklace. We are sure that you have seen these: they come in every font imaginable! You can choose to have your significant other's name written out, or this is an excellent gift for a grandparent! The gold name plate necklace is also a staple for many women who take pride in showcasing their names!

We have two different recommendations for necklaces this season. For a mother who wants to celebrate the bond with their child, we have our Mother & Child necklace. It's made of two interlocking gold circles that come with a 16-18 inch adjustable chain. Another customer favorite is our Vertical Bar necklace, made of 14 cataract gold. With this simple but elegant piece, your loved one is ready for any event!

All About Earrings

Earrings Can Be Your Go-To Jewelry Gift This Holiday Season | Carats and Stones
Earrings Can Be Your Go-To Jewelry Gift This Holiday Season

With the right pair of earrings, your loved one will be the talk of the town!

Earrings are easy to wear and require only minimal upkeep, which is perfect for the loved one who believes in low-maintenance accessories. Men and women equally enjoy a good pair of earrings that can go from day to night without ever having to change them out!

For men, diamond studs are a go-to for every occasion.

For women, pearl earrings and a multicolored pearl necklace are the perfect statement piece for work or fundraising gala.

Our favorite pick is the North Star earrings. Not only are stars or anything galaxy-related trending, but single diamond earrings are a great statement piece. The North Star also always shines the brightest and guides the way whenever we are lost. Getting such a piece for your loved one for the holidays is one jewelry gift they will treasure!

All About Watches

Nothing Says I Love You Like An Amazing Watch | Carats and Stones
Nothing Says I Love You Like An Amazing Watch

Many family members appreciate it when they receive a quality watch for the holiday season! Many people actually think watches for men make the best gifts, which would be correct. Watches are excellent gifts, especially a gold watch that your loved one can wear with almost anything. A great watch will last a lifetime with proper care.

When looking for a quality watch, there are several characteristics you want to look for. These include:

● A good metal

● The kind of watch glass

● If it's water-resistant

● The watch strap type

● Any finishes

When buying a watch, it's always essential to subtly ask your loved one about the types of qualities they value in a watch. The highest quality watches do require maintenance and should receive the care like any other jewelry piece.

Don't Forget Engagement Rings!

The Holidays Is All About Showing The People You Love Just How Much They Mean To You | Carats and Stones
The Holidays Is All About Showing The People You Love Just How Much They Mean To You

The holiday season is one of the top times to get engaged! In fact, many couples actually have their weddings around Christmas time to celebrate both the season and their love. Whether it's an engagement party or an actual wedding, engagement rings are some of the most essential parts of the entire affair!

There are many options for rings, but we recommend two different options.

First, a custom-designed ring is one of the best ways to showcase the future bond between you and your significant other. Create a piece representing your future spouse by using unique metals, gemstones, and even finishes.

Here at Carats & Stones, we will create a visual draft, with your input, of the engagement ring you want to create. This visual draft can be altered at any point, which gives you plenty of time to curate a piece that speaks to you. From there, our family jewelers will create your engagement ring exactly how you want it!

Our second recommendation is to repurpose one or more pieces of jewelry that we could use to create an engagement ring. This does lose you a small element of surprise since you do need to let your significant other know you are making them something new. But, you don't need to tell them it's an engagement ring! By combining different jewelry pieces, you can create something unique and special.

A Special Jewelry Gift from Carats & Stones

We have all the necklaces, earrings, watches, and engagement rings that your significant other will treasure! Drop into our shop at 1833 Union St in San Francisco to view all of the pieces we have for sale, or get your questions answered at (415) 875-9438. You can also book an in-person or virtual consultation for your custom piece here.


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