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Bigger & Bolder: Why Custom Wide Band Engagement Rings Are the Latest Craze

Trends in fashion come and go. Some looks are timeless, while others go in and out of style quickly. Thin bands on engagement rings have been all the rage for years, but there’s a new craze moving in. Wide band engagement rings are quickly gaining popularity. And having more choices available is always a good thing. Having the option of a wide band adds more variety to ring designs.

For many people, wide bands may also be more comfortable, fit on their hands better, and work with their lifestyle better. Wider bands also tend to be more durable, reducing worry about chipped gemstones or damaged rings. Overall, the recent rise in popularity of wide band engagement rings has opened up so many new design options for custom-designed rings.


Wide Bands: The Newest Craze

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique” - Elizabeth Taylor

Traditionally wide bands are for men’s wedding rings. They complement larger hands and can lend themselves to a more simplistic style. But there are no rules saying that women can’t spot a wider band in their engagement ring, and it’s even becoming more popular for many reasons.

A thick band may run from 2.5mm all the way up to 8mm. It all depends on the style and what each person wants from their ring. Wider bands tend to work well for anyone with larger hands. It looks more fitting and will likely be more comfortable. A well-fitted larger band won’t dig into the skin as much as an ultra-thin band and is less likely to fall off.

A wider band also brings the added bonus of different styles and more androgynous options. Not all women want to sport a ring with a huge diamond and a tiny band. It can get impractical for everyday wear. Plus, that’s just not everyone’s style. Some women want a ring they can wear daily without worrying about getting chipped or lost. A wide diamond ring might be the perfect compromise.

Why Wide Bands?

“Beauty is who you are. Jewelry is simply icing on the cake.” - Misty Burgess Wide bands allow a designer to set the center stone in a more protected location, making it less likely to get chipped or caught on anything. Even wide band diamond engagement rings will last longer in a more protected setting. While diamonds are the hardest gem and are extremely difficult to scratch, they can chip if hit. A wider band is also just sturdier overall. The band is less likely to bend from everyday wear.

But the great thing about a wide band engagement ring is that you can still make a statement without a huge center stone. The wide band offers more space for accent stones or intricate designs. And, of course, if a minimalistic style is wanted, these bands look stunning even when sleek and straightforward.

A wide band ring may also feel heavier. Many people like a heavier ring that constantly reminds them of their marriage, their partner, and their commitment.

Why Are Wide Band Rings Are All The Rage?

Why Custom is the Best Way to Go

“Jewelry is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewelry really interests me.” - Ann Demeulemeester

There are so many benefits to a custom design when it comes to jewelry. Consulting with a designer is a great way to guarantee that your ring is one of a kind and the best design for you. There are so many options available for engagement rings already. Opting for a wide band opens up different styles than would be available for a thinner band. By working with a designer, you can create a balanced ring that will look and feel great.

For example, let's assume you like the functionality of a wider band but the look of a thin band. A split or fork near the center stone will give the ring a more delicate look while offering durability and comfort.

Working with a jeweler will also let you design the perfect ring with the proper materials and gemstones. Choosing the materials will allow you to design a ring that fits your style and will also be the ideal durability for your life. With a custom design, you could have a wide band solitaire ring that perfectly balances gemstone and band size. You can also choose the band material that works best for your design, whether rose gold, platinum, or tungsten.

A jeweler can also help you design the ring of your dreams while staying within your budget. No one will push you to overspend on flashy pieces you don't need. A good jeweler will help you create your dream ring without breaking the bank.

Putting the Look All Together

“I love big jewelry trends and moments.” - Kiki Layne

Traditionally, the engagement ring has a smaller band than the wedding ring, allowing the wedding ring to be more prominent. But there's no reason why you can't change tradition and make your own rules. Choosing engagement and wedding rings is a personal process that depends on what works best for each individual.

Having a wider band on the engagement ring may be different than you typically see, but it does have advantages. Having a center stone protected on a more prominent band means that the stone won't protrude off the edge of the band.

That makes wearing an engagement and wedding ring together easier because you don't have to worry about the stones hitting each other. It allows the rings to fit together nicely. And if they are custom-designed to nest together and complement each other, they can create a truly fantastic look.

Putting the Look All Together

Want More Options?

“Jewelry is like a biography. A story that tells the many chapters of our life” - Gem Hunt

For a more intricate look, accent stones can create complicated designs and help a center diamond stand out. Alternatively, wide bands can be used to create a minimalistic design that stands on its own.

There are so many different factors that must be taken into account when designing a ring. The center stone's size, shape, and type have to be considered along with other ring features. A wide band ring with diamonds as an accent may make the center stone look small if the design is not balanced. A fancy shape like a heart cut may be lost in the larger band. On the other hand, smaller accent stones can emphasize the center diamond and make it look more prominent.

Wide Engagement Rings in San Francisco

“All my jewelry has stories” - Eva Green

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