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Jewelry Repurposing for Men: Masculine Makeovers

There's this pervasive myth that jewelry is only for women or that men can only wear specific types of jewelry (thick wedding rings, watches, cufflinks, etc). But that's just not true. Men can wear whatever jewelry fits their lifestyle and makes them feel good.

The fashion industry is opening up, meaning there have never been more ways for people to express themselves authentically. And luxury men's accessories are no exception. There are so many types of jewelry in so many different styles.

And if you can't find the perfect piece or want to reuse parts from some family jewelry that's been passed down, repurposing is the right way to go. You might love the materials from an heirloom ring given to you by your grandmother, but what if it's too small and delicate for your taste? Repurposing can take those materials and give that ring a complete makeover. A redesign can make that ring into a piece that was made for you and fits you perfectly.


Why Repurpose Jewelry At All?

There are so many great reasons to repurpose jewelry! Heirloom jewelry passed down through the family for generations typically holds great sentimental value. Often, it is fairly valuable as well. But styles and trends change, and a necklace that your grandmother wore may not match today's styles. And that's OK. Because repurposing it can take all or most of the original materials and turn it into something new and stylish that still holds all the same memories.

And a necklace doesn't have to stay as a necklace. A gemstone pendant can be repurposed to create the center stone for a ring or even turned into two pieces for earrings or cufflinks. The beauty of redesigning is that the new piece is meant to fit you and your style. So make it what you want.

You don't even have to use sentimental pieces for a redesign. If you buy a ring and a bracelet with elements you like, there are no rules saying that you can't use both in a design and make a whole new piece. The greatest thing about repurposing jewelry is that you are only limited by your imagination.

Man putting on custom crafted cuff links

Repurposing Jewelry: The Good and the Bad

There are some great reasons to repurpose jewelry, but there are always reasons to be cautious as well. For instance, you have to be careful with family heirlooms. Depending on the quality of the materials, repurposing may work differently than you want. And it's always important to remember that once you take a piece apart, it can never go back together that same way again. So make sure you really want to repurpose an heirloom piece before you commit, and maybe check in with family members to make sure they're ok with it too.

Repurposing can be an especially dramatic change if gemstones are cut down. Having a really clear idea about what you want the finished product to look like and what is actually possible is so important. Clear communication with your jeweler will help you understand what the finished product will look like so you're not surprised or disappointed.

But don't let any of that scare you from taking the leap and repurposing your jewelry. With a good jeweler, the process is exciting. You can update older jewelry to keep up with the latest styles and trends or choose something more classic that won't go out of style in a few years.

Repurposing jewelry gives you a creative opportunity to express yourself, all while giving the family jewelry a much-needed refresh to keep it in rotation. You can also make new heirloom jewelry to pass down to the next generation. Repurposing jewelry is a great way to keep a family tradition or start a new one.

Masculine Jewelry Styles

Traditionally men are limited in what jewelry they have been able to wear. Watches, wedding rings, and cufflinks are the big items for men, with bracelets and earrings being considered too feminine. But men's jewelry trends are changing, and so many more options are available now. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even different ring styles are gaining popularity and allowing men to express themselves however they want.

And if you have heirloom jewelry that you want to redesign to match your style, there are so many jewelry repurposing ideas to help you figure out what is possible and what kind of jewelry you want to wear.

If you’re unsure about what options are out there a consultation with a jeweler can help jumpstart the creative process, understand what can be done with the jewelry you have, and even help you understand what kind of jewelry would match your style.

Masculine Jewelry Styles

Finding the Right Jeweler For Jewelry Repurposing for Men

When looking for the perfect jeweler, there are some fundamental aspects to consider. And reputation is a big one. Ask family and friends where they bought their jewelry, where they've had repurposing or repairs done, and what their general experience was. You can also look up reviews for different stores and see what past customers say about the jewelry and the whole buying process.

Stay away from anywhere where people say they have felt pressured to make decisions too quickly or go outside of their budget. A great jeweler will work with you to stay within your budget and give you all the time and information you need to make the right decisions for your jewelry.

Once it is narrowed down to a few places, go in for a consultation. Many businesses offer in-person or virtual consultations, so you can do what is best for you. Talking to a jeweler about your ideas for a redesign should help you decide if it's a good match.

Another thing to consider is the style of jewelry you want vs the style each jeweler specializes in. Some jewelry are versatile and can work with many different styles, and some do only one style, but do it really well. You don't want to ask a jeweler to make something outside their comfort zone because you may end up with a finished product that you don't like. Try to match the style you want to the style of the jeweler. That is the best way to ensure you end up with a piece you love.

Carats and Stones

Repurposing jewelry for men is a great way to update older heirloom pieces to meet modern trends and fit masculine jewelry styles. There's no reason that men can't have the same opportunities to wear jewelry as women. And if you can't find jewelry that is right for you, make it!

Just remember that once a piece is taken apart and cut down, it can never go back together that same way again. So, find the right jeweler for the job and discuss all the best options for a piece before going for it.

But with some creativity and a great jeweler, redesigning and repurposing your jewelry should be a great experience that leaves you with a piece you love. That’s why here at Carats and Stones, we can guarantee a wonderful experience, top-notch customer service, and a repurposed jewelry piece that you will love.

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