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Shining Bright: The Hottest Gemstone Trends in Jewelry for 2023

Gemstone jewelry has a timeless appeal which means it is always in style. Historically gemstones have held a lot of meaning across many cultures and are prized for their durability and variety. Because so many different types of gemstones are available, jewelry incorporating them is highly customizable. Depending on the color, style, and cut, gemstones can add a flare to any outfit.

Here are some of the latest jewelry trends, including the rising popularity of vibrant-colored gemstones, the comeback of birthstone jewelry, and so much more.

Series of polished gemstones on a piece of ivory silk

Vibrant Colored Gemstones

If you follow gemstone trends, it's easy to see that vibrant and saturated gemstone hues are on the rise. The most popular and desired of these include emerald, sapphire, and ruby. Emerald is best known for its vibrant green color. This gemstone is a variety of beryl and is commonly cut into a rectangular step cut called the emerald cut.

Sapphires are usually seen with a deep blue coloration, although "fancy sapphires" can come in a huge variety of colors. This gemstone is part of the corundum family, which also includes rubies. A vivid color saturation is preferred. Sapphires are most commonly cut with a brilliant pattern on the crown and a step-cut pattern on the pavilion.

Rubies are also part of the corundum family and are only seen in red. A pure and vibrant color is preferred, along with the same cut commonly used for sapphires.

Ethical and Sustainable Gemstones

There is an increasing customer demand for ethical and sustainable gemstones. This demand is becoming more common as technology allows for better communication and the spread of knowledge. Workers can now share their experiences working on mining sites, and customers can research specific mines and jewelers. If they wanted, customers could even visit the sites where their gemstones originate.

But often, when customers are researching where gemstones originated, there is no transparency and no way to know where they came from. This means there is no way to tell if these gemstones are mined ethically or sustainably.

Customers should look out for companies that practice fair labor practices and are environmentally responsible. Fair labor practices include safe working conditions and fair pay for not just the miners but all the workers in the supply chain. Environmentally responsible mining systems work to restore land after the mining is complete and cause as little environmental disruption as possible.

It's interesting to note that colored gemstones are usually mined in smaller-scale operations than diamonds. These mines are generally less disruptive to the environment. But that doesn't mean that all colored gemstone mining operations are sustainable.

Ethical Jewelers

Ethical jewelers buy stones that can be traced from mine to market, meaning they know where that gemstone was mined, cut, and the route they traveled to reach their warehouse. This practice guarantees the jeweler and customer that the gemstone was sourced ethically and sustainably.

So how do you know if a gemstone has been sourced ethically? Look for traceability and origin when shopping. If the jeweler cannot provide a record of where the gemstone came from, likely, it is not ethical. Many jewelers will claim their gemstones are ethical, with no traceability to back up that claim. Beware of gemstones from unknown origins.

It’s important to note that, much of the vintage jewelry on the market today was not ethically sourced: the gemstones in any piece that is 1970’s or earlier probably wasn’t ethically sourced. That doesn’t mean you should feel bad about owning that jewelry: this is more of a note for future jewelry buying or repurposing. Always speak to your jeweler before making a gemstone purchase!

Make A Statement With Custom Birthstone Jewelry

Statement Birthstone Jewelry

In recent years birthstone jewelry has been making a big comeback. Owning jewelry personalized to your birth month is a fun way to add meaningful jewelry to your collection.

Below is a list of the birthstones for each month.

Each of these stones holds a special meaning and history. For example, January's stone, garnet, is named after the pomegranate because of the stone's vibrant red color. Interestingly, garnets can come in various colors; red is just the most popular. Garnets can be cut into various shapes, making them versatile and able to work with many different styles of jewelry.

April's birthstone, diamond, is well known for being the hardest material on earth. It is so hard that you can only scratch it using another diamond. Diamonds can be cut in several ways, but the round brilliant cut is the most popular. This classic cut perfectly shows off the sheer beauty of this gemstone.

For a deeper look at each birthstone, check out this guide from the International Gem Society.

Mixed Gemstone Combinations

Combining different gemstones into a single piece is a rising trend because of the versatility of these designs. Depending on the style and gemstones, you could add this jewelry to a casual or elegant outfit with no problem.

Contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes can be combined to create new, unique looks complimenting any style. Different gemstones can be used to create looks that are either clean and symmetrical or bold and asymmetrical.

There's even a fun way to send a secret message using multi-gemstone jewelry. Acrostic jewelry uses the first letter of each gemstone to spell out a word. This practice was popular during the Victorian era but is still practiced today. Use it in custom jewelry to spell out your partner's name or commemorate a special date.

Trend 5: Unique Gemstone Cuts and Shapes

The standard cuts for gemstone jewelry are rounds, squares, and rectangles. And, of course, these have a time and a place. But don't limit yourself to these. Fancy cuts can offer more variety for completely different styles. A fancy cut makes some stones look better, depending on the size and color.

A hexagon cut is ideal for gemstones with a rich and vibrant color because it results in a large table facet. This cut has six sides and an attractive and symmetrical appearance.

The trillion cut is a triangle type of cut. There are a few variations involving curved or uncurved. The best cut will depend heavily on the setting and gemstone, but this cut works well for both accent or main stone in a piece.

A marquise cut has an elongated elliptical shape with pointed ends. The long and narrow body creates the illusion of a larger size. The unique form demands attention and will stand out and enhance any outfit.

Gemstone Trends with Caracts and Stones

Embracing the latest trends in gemstone jewelry expresses your personal style; there is all the more reason to work with a jeweler who understands these trends and can help you make the best decision possible.

That’s where our newest shopping appointments will make your experience even more special! Choose from forty-five to 120 minutes appointments where Caracts and Stones provide our jewelry experts (Linda herself is an option!) for consultations and try-on sessions, a High-Tea or Charcuterie experience, bring a friend, and much more.

Discover why four generations of jewelry connoisseurs shop with Caracts and Stones! Book your special appointment today.

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