The Ultimate Guide to One Year Anniversary Gifts

The Ultimate Guide to One Year Anniversary Gifts

Everything you need to know about one year anniversary gifts & traditions to plan an unforgettable first anniversary, plus a bonus guide for years 2-4!

It may seem like it was only yesterday, but the calendar doesn't lie: It’s been a year since “I do." That doesn’t mean that all of the excitement of your wedding day has to stay in your photo album, however. Keep reading to find out how you can celebrate your first anniversary in unforgettable style and set the stage for the years of cherished memories yet to come.

First Anniversary Traditions

When you planned “the big day,” you no doubt learned that weddings come with a whole lot of traditions and superstitions. Anniversaries are no different and, in fact, one anniversary tradition began when you cut your wedding cake and can play a big part in your first anniversary.

Saving the Top Tier of the Wedding Cake

The tradition of serving wedding cake is traced back to ancient Greece, and later to the Romans. Guests of Roman weddings brought gifts of bread, which the groom would promptly break on his wife’s head. This tradition has, thankfully, transformed into the modern cake-cutting and feeding custom enjoyed at today's weddings.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the tradition of saving the top tier of the wedding cake began. Originally couples reserved this top tier to serve at the Christening of their first child, however, not the first anniversary.

If you ate every last slice of cake on your wedding day or don’t find the notion of eating year-old cake appetizing, you can still incorporate this tradition into your one year anniversary by returning to your baker for a top tier duplicate.

Traditional One Year Anniversary Gifts of Paper

Symbolically, the traditional wedding anniversary materials grow in strength with each year of marriage, reflecting your growth as a couple. While there are some regional differences, the first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a gift of paper, which represents the fragile yet resilient nature of this early stage in your relationship.

To learn more about the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, read our ultimate year by year anniversary gifts guide.

Paper Anniversary Gifts

Consider a rare or out of print book to add to the collection of a partner who loves to read. If you included poetry or literary passages in your wedding vows, you might search for an early edition that holds special meaning for you as a couple.

For couples who spend all week counting down to game night, a new board game is an inexpensive way to celebrate your first anniversary with a gift that you’ll continue to enjoy throughout the years. If you find yourself short on inspiration, don’t fret. Try searching the stores and websites where your partner already shops to seek out ready-made or personalized paper anniversary gifts that might not have occurred to you.

Modern One Year Anniversary Gifts of Clocks

Cuckoo Clock Anniversary Gift - Carats & Stones