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The Versatility of Custom Jewelry and Name Plate Necklaces

Not everyone is going to want the same cookie-cutter design for their special piece. Not everyone is going to feel the same about how metals are mined or gemstones obtained.

For those, and many other reasons, many people will choose to create custom jewelry pieces for themselves or their loved ones. Since custom jewelry is so versatile, there are so many options to choose from, with limitless combinations.

Why Custom Jewelry?

Custom Jewelry Creation

“You mean I don’t have to choose straight from the jewelry case?” - Carats and Stones

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to demonstrate love, care, and compassion is through a custom jewelry gift. This is a piece that you can buy for a loved one as a surprise or create something new alongside them. You can genuinely design something that is unique and personal to your loved one, which shows how much you value them.

If the gift is a surprise, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your thoughts and feelings towards your loved one. You are creating something in their image or incorporating themes and colors that they love. If you are designing something with them, then their custom jewelry piece represents a joining of minds and thoughts.

The sky is truly the limit with your custom jewelry ideas, limited only by your imagination and budget, of course.

Custom jewelry is also another art form: artists perfect their craft over many years to provide a valuable service. For many cultures as well, being a jewelry artisan is an honor, and not everyone can make jewelry using older techniques. One of the many examples of this is Navajo jewelry artists. Many Navajo incorporate older techniques, passed down through family members or oral traditions, to create stunning silver and turquoise jewelry.

Carats and Stones owner Linda is another example of a custom jewelry artisan who has spent years perfecting her craft. Linda has spent over forty years learning and perfecting her craft, becoming one of San Francisco’s premier jewelers.

It’s through choosing to create custom jewelry with the right maker that makes a gift in itself: you are supporting someone’s passion and giving something beautiful to a loved one.

One specific type of custom jewelry is the name plate necklace.

Why Name Plate Necklaces?

Name plate necklaces can be highly versatile pieces! There are so many options to choose from.

The most obvious choice is getting your loved ones' names written out in any font that you (or they) choose. You have seen these necklaces everywhere, as it can be very trendy for younger people. These name plate necklaces are also great if your loved one has a unique name that they are proud of, especially if it's a name that runs in the family.

Family or last names are also prevalent with name plate necklaces, whether the wearer is male or female! Although women tend to wear name plate necklaces more often than men, many fashion forward men might consider a name plate necklace as an option.

These necklaces can work in many different ways, including vertically or horizontally. The most common type is actually gold with diamond accents, but you aren’t tied to that option at all!

Another fashionable option is actually going with a silver name plate necklace. It adds a different touch of elegance to an outfit and can be slightly more understated than the gold option.

Choose Double Plated

Blank Double Plated Bar ID Bracelet

Double plated jewelry can get a bad rap.

It’s mainly because many people assume that because only the outer layer is a precious metal, that the item doesn’t have value. It’s true that because a double plated item isn’t made of, say, solid gold, it doesn’t have the same monetary value.

A gold-plated item is not the same as a solid gold item: the care is different, the lifetime usage could be different, and much more. But the assumption that a double plated item has no value is incorrect.

The item itself has sentimental value to the wearer. Many people can’t necessarily afford a solid gold necklace, especially with the fluctuating price of gold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But since many people love the gold look, a double plated jewelry piece could be the way to go for a loved one. Although the monetary value might not be there, the love and care behind the double plated piece exists.

So for those who can’t necessarily afford custom jewelry or something solid gold, consider a double plated name necklace. You can personalize it to the wearer, both the front and the back can be engraved with their name and a special message.

Repurpose Old Jewelry

Old Gold Jewelry Can Be Repurposed At Carats and Stones

“Life is too short to wear boring jewelry.” - Anonymous

We all that one necklace, ring, or bracelet that belonged to someone we care about. That one piece that was handed down through the generations or was a newer acquisition that was given but might not fit or suit. Since jewelry is such a personal part of us, it only makes sense that not all of the jewelry given to us would be to our taste.

That’s where repurposing old jewelry comes into play. Perhaps you have some precious gemstones from an old ring that you want to use in the kid name plate necklace you are designing. Using the stones from the ring and incorporating them into a name plate necklace reuses those stones in a brand way, keeping them in the family.

You could also use the metal from an existing piece in place of brand new metals, which will potentially save you money! If you are interested in being, or are already, environmentally conscious, reusing metal is the way to go. Many older pieces are made of real gold or silver, which could be expensive nowadays.

Going With Engraved Jewelry

Custom Engraved Cufflinks Are Very Popular

Another option worth exploring is engraved jewelry.

Engraving is a technique that is as old as jewelry: if there is a message you want on a jewelry piece, an engraver can use a variety of techniques to make it happen. Many artists use older techniques, like with a chisel, while others use state-of-the-art machines to custom make jewelry into a personalized piece.

With this option, you can bring your own jewelry, and the engraver can add any message that you want onto your piece. If you bring your own jewelry, you don’t have to pay for something brand new.

Engraving is also a vital part of creating a name plate necklace, so keep that in mind!

But, sometimes, the pieces that we want to be engraved might be too difficult to do, mainly if the message is long and the piece is small. That’s why it's essential to consult with an expert before doing any engraving work.

Customize With Us

Caracts and Stones offers multiple ways to help you create a memorial, precious jewelry piece. Whether it's a kid name plate necklace or an engraved ring, we have the right people, tools, and design skills to make you something beautiful.

For custom jewelry, start by booking a virtual or in-person appointment with us. We will go over everything you need to know: our process, costs, metal options, design options, and much more.

For a name plate necklace, stop on in and see our store selection! Since engraving is such a big part of this type of jewelry, one of our experts will be available to discuss all of your options.


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