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Things To Consider Before Purchasing Baby Jewelry For Your Loved One!

New parents have a lot to think about when bringing a new baby home: diapers, wipes, food, and much more. As parents begin to settle in, they might start to think more about aesthetics, including all of the additional accessories they could buy for their precious bundles.

Baby jewelry is one of those considerations! There are numerous pros and cons to buying baby jewelry, as well as specific considerations when you are actually ready to purchase.

A (Short) History of Baby Jewelry

Jewelry for babies is actually an ancient tradition that goes back as far as archaeologists have found relics. The ancient Romans believed that children needed protection against disease, so they gave them locket-like necklaces called a bulla. Both boys and girls, richer or poorer, were given these necklaces. Richer families gave their children bullas made of precious metals like silver and gold, while poorer families might have bullas made of wood or leather. Each bulla represented a custom jewelry project, since these were usually made by a craftsman in the jewelry trade.

Jumping forward to a time closer to our own era, baby jewelry became popular as a take-home gift from the hospitals in the 1950s. These relatively inexpensive gifts were made by nurses or hired artisans, created with beads and the baby’s name on it. Necklaces would also become popular, although less so with limited resources. It was also during the 1950s that piercing baby girls’ ears became widely popular.

Nowadays new parents give their babies gifts of jewelry for many reasons. There are also many reasons or events where parents might decide to buy baby jewelry, including:

● Baptismal and Christening symbols.

● Religious significance, such as nose piercings.

● Good luck symbols.

● Birthday gifts, specifically with the baby’s birthstone.

The Pros of Buying Real Jewelry for Kids

Investing in jewelry is always a good practice, especially if you start giving your babies and children the option at such a young age! Jewelry is always a good investment, especially if you are looking to provide heirlooms to your children.

There is also something to be said for giving jewelry as an important milestone for older children. Many cultures value certain ages, so celebrating those with a precious gift is very important.

Many children, especially girls, place higher value on jewelry, compared to other gifts. If you buy a child a piece when they are a baby, it’s something that they can pass on to their children. Many families have pieces that are passed from mother to daughter and father to son, which emphasizes how important family is to everyone.

The Cons of Buying Real Jewelry for Kids

Not everyone advises that you buy jewelry for your babies or younger children. For example, many parents invest in teething bracelets or necklaces made of Amber. Many benefits are listed that help the babies with general teeth and gum pain because of the natural succinic acid found in the amber. These are popular items for many parents, but these do represent choking hazards. cautions new parents to be very careful with these necklaces or bracelets - always subversive your baby, don’t wear the necklace actually around the neck, don’t leave the jewelry on when the baby is sleeping, and many more reasons. Of course, these warnings also apply to any other kind of authentic jewelry that a parent could purchase for their child.

Another primary reason for not purchasing real, valuable jewelry is that children are messy and easily break objects. If this is a concern for you and your household, real baby jewelry might not be the right fit.

Although jewelry can be cleared and repaired, if the child loses the piece, there is a chance that it could be lost forever. This means you ultimately wasted your money on a potentially expensive piece.

Are You Considering Buying Baby Jewelry?

We know that buying jewelry for a loved one means considering several factors. When considering purchasing baby jewelry, it’s the exact same process. We believe that all new parents, grandparents, great grandparents, siblings, or friends should all consider these essential factors before buying baby jewelry: durability, functionality, cost, repair, and cleaning.

Durability & Functionality

When you decide on a piece, discuss with your family and friends what kind of jewelry you should choose for your baby. Lil baby jewelry should be durable but also functional for your unique lifestyle!

Durable jewelry is a must for babies, especially as they grow. We always recommend asking your preferred jeweler about the particulars of any kind of gemstone or metal, just to be on the safe side. Here are a couple of recommendations from our staff to consider:

● What type of jewelry do you want?

● Any particular styles you are interested in?

● What metal do you want it to be made of?

● Do you want gemstones included in your baby jewelry?

● If so, what kind do you want?

● Will any engraving be needed?

You should strongly consider perhaps a simple design that doesn’t have too many precious gemstones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc.) that could be lost. However, if you want to include gemstones, make sure to choose small options rather than larger stones. There are also several metals, such as Tungsten and Platinum, that are highly durable and wear much slower than other metals.

Bracelets and necklaces are the most functional options for new parents, but ensure that these items are measured correctly. It’s important that the bracelet or necklace must fit snugly against the baby's skin so there aren’t any potential choking hazards. But, at the same time, the piece can’t be too tight, or you could cause rashes or circulation problems.

And, of course, earrings are the most popular baby jewelry a parent can buy. Make sure to choose earrings that aren’t too big or too small. Definitely size these against your baby’s growing ears!


Once you have researched durability and functionality, it’s time to think about the cost. Don’t assume that because the piece is smaller, the value of the jewelry won’t be there!

The best way to prepare for the cost of any jewelry purchase is to make a budget. There are many, many ways that you can set up a budget, but we recommend using a spreadsheet. We have many customers that will work to save up a certain amount of money before they make their purchase. Others will be more strategic, using credit cards to accumulate points towards travel or dining.

We also have many customers that might finance their jewelry. Researching the cost of the various metals and precious gems is a must to determine your budget. For example, if you want something extra special for your baby, gold jewelry might be just right! Or, perhaps you are more interested in rose gold. The sky is really the limit for your baby’s jewelry, but you have to know your budget first.


Babies and kids are going to break their jewelry! For babies, it's inevitable that they are going to do something that breaks a link in their necklace, bracelet or it loses a stone in their ring. For kids who still have their jewelry from when they were babies, this is most of the time an accident. But problems on the playground can happen, so it's possible another kid could break the jewelry you spend so much time and money on.

That’s why understanding the need for a jewelry repair service is a must! Keep in mind repair when picking our your baby’s new jewelry and what a potential repair plan can look like. (And if you don’t have one for your jewelry, this is a great time to invest in one for the whole family!)


Children can be challenging on our possessions and are much harder on their own! If you choose to buy a sentimental piece for your baby, make sure to factor in a regular cleaning schedule. This should include self-cleaning and trips to your jeweler.

When you purchase your baby’s newest (and most expensive!) item, you should receive a cleaning care plan. If you don’t, keep in mind that not all of the information on the internet is going to be accurate. Make sure to ask for a care plan! Follow that with an approved jewelry cleaner.

It’s best to use a simple solution, instead of those complicated recipes that you might find via Pinterest. Keep it as simple as possible, noting the type of metal and any precious gemstones that you have. For example, precious metals like gold or titanium should be cleaned regularly to prevent wear with a gentle jewelry cleaner.

In addition to your own self-cleaning time, make sure to stop into your preferred jeweler on the same set schedule. Here at Carats & Stones, we will make sure to tell you exactly when you need to visit us to get your jewelry cleaned.

Jewelry Designers Near Me

Considering the cost of new jewelry, many new parents might want to invest both their time and money into repurposing an older piece for their baby! Many families have heirloom jewelry that is hanging out in a drawer somewhere. Give the new generation a piece from their grandparents or great grandparents to appreciate when they are older.

Custom Jewelry in San Francisco

Now that we have hopefully helped you make a decision about whether or not to purchase jewelry for your baby or child consider using Carats & Stones custom jewelry services!

We design, create, and cultivate jewelry that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. We make this guarantee as a sign of our superior craftsmanship, as well as our commitment to you through our professional cleanings and on-site jewelry repair service. Our staff is always available to answer any questions, whether it's to inquire about a custom piece or help you keep your jewelry looking as good as the day you brought it home.

We have over forty years of experience creating custom jewelry for our clients in the heart of San Francisco’s Cow Hollow district. We are proud to be one of the most trusted family jewelers in California and would love to add you to our family.

If you're looking for baby jewelry in San Francisco, we invite you to call us at 415-875-9438, schedule a free consultation online, or just stop on by.


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